Round steel tube galvanized Ø21,3 mm

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Round pipe galvanized D=21.3mm wall thickness 2.0 mm maximum profile length 6 m
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Black, mounting screw cap
The advantage of black color is that the color goes very deep into the material, which prevents the pipe member from corroding too quickly.
The black clips are also suitable for outdoor use, but it must be taken into account that the color is not resistant to UV radiation, and long-term exposure of the product to outdoor conditions will cause the color to fade.
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Wall Flange. This clamp is used on structures where positional fixing is required. Do not use as a base flange to support guard railings or similar systems.
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Piduriga ratas on mõeldud kärude, mobiilsete esemete ja muude toodete valmistamiseks. Sobib torudele läbimõõduga 33,7 mm / 42,4 mm / 48,3 mm. Ratta kinnitamisel
tuleb alati kasutada ekspanderit.
Maksimaalne kandevõime ratta kohta: 100 kg
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Plastic cap used to plug the end of the tube.
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