Smoking Shelters

Smoking Shelters
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Suitsupaviljoni mõõdud:
- height: 268 cm
- lenght: 250 cm
- depth: 156 cm
- roof: 6 mm fire and impact-resistant translucent cellular polycarbonate with UV protection
- toughened safety glass cladding (8mm thick) with security signage and fixed with aluminium clamps for easy replacement in the event of vandalism. "Smoking zone” signs supplied.
- 80 x 80 mm steel square posts on base plates.
- galvanised steel, painted in our RAL colours. Assembly and installation instructions supplied
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3445,00 €
Length: 2459 mm
Depth: 1861 mm
Structure: Ø 50 mm anodised aluminium tubing mounted on base plates with aluminium clamps secured with stainless-steel bolts

Roof and panelling: Anti-UV-treated cellular polycarbonate panels. 10 mm thick
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2105,00 €
Smoking shelter with 8 mm cellular polycarbonate body or 5 mm class.
The structure can be painted in a selected colour from the RAL palette.
Installation: for screwing or setting in concrete
- height: 215cm
- width: 280cm
- depth: 190cm

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