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Tactile Signs
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Rubber „Brajl” plate is made of vulcanized rubber color, a kind of road markings to facilitate the movement of person with disabilities. "Brajl" plate is an element of road safety for blind people which helps them to safely overcome the obstacles in their way. Advantage of our plate is that it can be installed without interfering with existing pavement. Is flexible of high strength characteristic. To apply it to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces is recommended to use an adhesive polymer.
Size: 600 x 300 x 65 mm
SKU: 031179580001 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 3-4 nädalat
10,60 €
Taktiilne kummist plaat on valmistatud vulkaniseeritud kummist, mis hõlbustab nägemispuuetega inimeste liikumist. Plaadi eeliseks on see, et seda saab paigaldada olemasolevale pinnasele. Paindlik ja hea vastupidavusega. Selle paigaldamiseks olemasolevatele betoon- või asfaltpindadele on soovitatav kasutada liimpolümeeri.
Mõõdud: 600 x 300 x 65 mm
SKU: 031295580001 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 2-3 nädalat
10,60 €
RVS 316 guiding line: 280x35x5 mm
a) Anchor(s) M6x20: drilling and bonding 2-component glue
b) Without anchor(s): bonding 2-component glue

SKU: TACKGUIDE ,   Qty: In Stock
0,00 €
- stainless steel 316
- Ø 35 mm
- height: 5 mm
- mounting:
a) M6x20 anchor and bonding 2-component glue
b) without anchor and bonding 2-component glue

- diamond
- brushed
- stripe
- black
SKU: TACKNAIL ,   Qty: In Stock
0,00 €