Temporary Safety Barriers

Temporary Safety Barriers
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Crowd barrier made of plastic
total length 2.00 m, height 1.00m
white, safe and quick installation by integrated turning feet
simple linkup by hook and eye system
Foil: red/yellow RA1
Weight: 12,5 kg
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110,00 €
Length 2100
Width 100 mm
Height 1070 mm
Weight: 12,5 kg
Material: HDPE
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75,00 €
UV and collision resistant temporary fence from plastic
dimensions: 2000x1000mm
Weight 14.5 kg

It is also possible to order additional lamp adapters (extra fee +15€)
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From 153,00 €
Panel fence 2100x1100 mm, yellow-red RA1 stickers

5 mounting posts for hazard lights
barriers can be linked up to any length (with a special durable clip)
steel reinforcements on the sides
easy assembly and disassembly with standard road or construction sign bases
high-quality virgin HDPE - for improved durability and weather resistance
certificate of conformity with TL-Absperrschranken 97 - highest quality and safety
SKU: 34216913303 ,   Qty: In Stock
105,00 €
In the set:
10x plastic fence 2000x1000mm, RA1 red-yellow reflective film
11x foot 30kg
1x garden transport stand
1x foot transport stand
2x fastening strap
SKU: 32000 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1845,00 €
Safety barrier - WALL for roads, construction areas, residential areas, parking lots and etc.

- Cat eyes-design and lateral reflective stripes
provide high visibility
- with weighted base; total weight 20 kg
- high durable solid body
- can be fitted into each other to extend
- anti-skid base
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- dimensions: 60x100x40 cm

SKU: 12522 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 2 nädalat
199,95 €
- a road barrier filled with water or sand, which is an ideal traffic separator on streets and highways
- material: weather-, corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene
- in two sizes: H500 and H800mm
- Traffic control device approved by the Transport Board
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From 60,00 €
- a road barrier filled with water or sand, which is an ideal traffic diverter on streets and highways
- reflective stickers class RA2
- a traffic control device approved by the highway authority
- material: weather-, corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene
- dimensions: L1500mm x H800mm
- weight 17 kg, filled up to 80 kg
SKU: 4014262 ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 2-3 nädalat
126,50 €
Signalling barrier for the delimitation of the different spaces. Ideal for delimiting roads, streets, private spaces, use in industrial spaces, etc.
The extendable barrier that allows configuring the width of 23 cm up to 250 cm. Height of the barrier of 98 cm. Made of high strength plastic.
The ends have holes with a stopper, to fill the interior with water, sand, or any other element that gives weight and strength to the supports.
The barrier of yellow and black colour. It incorporates white and red reflectors, for night vision.
Rings at the ends, for fixing some type of chain, rope or space delimiting element.
SKU: SB07100 ,   Qty: In Stock
150,70 €
MegaMAX Post with chain lead-through
4 reflective tapes RA2
height 120 cm,
foot: Ø 40 cm
post Ø 11 cm
empty weight 4 kg
Foots can be filled with 8-10 kg sand
SKU: 12404 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 2 nädalat
51,90 €
Chain Post MultiMax:
Height: 100 cm, Weight: 4,0 kg
post: ø 63 mm, base 37 x 7,5 cm
Plug-in and twist-lock system for base
Integral chain eye and eyelet bolt

Color options:
SKU: 12403 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
32,80 €
Extending barrier garden up to 4 m
SKU: BAR4000 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
225,00 €
Height: 1000 mm
Extendable: up to 3000 mm.
Posts: ø 25 mm, feet ø 30 mm.
Assembly: with rivets
Finish: lacquered in red and white over raw steel
SKU: 100100 ,   Qty: In Stock
130,00 €
In the set:
20x plastic fence 2000x1000mm, RA1 red-yellow reflective film
21x foot 30kg
1x storage and transport tie-bar for fences
1x Storage and transport tie-bar for feet
SKU: 33420K-SET2 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
3854,20 €