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UltraGrime® Pro Multiuse wipes are designed to handle any and all messes no matter your line of work. Whether you need to clean up oil, grease, ink, paint, silicones, or uncured PU foam, reach for your UltraGrime® Pro Multiuse Clothwipes to handle it.

100 XXL+ Clothwipes
Bigger at a massive – 38cm x 25 cm
Super strong & Soft cloth-like fabric.
Stays wet and useable for over an hour
Don’t dry out when the lid is left open for days – try it for a week!
3-in-1 action for efficient cleaning– Lifts, Cleans, Protects
Removes grease, paint, silicone, uncured PU foam, and adhesives.
Strong, Flexible, recyclable packaging. Over 77% less plastic than regular tubs
Dispenses 1 wipe at a time.
Safe for all surfaces
Dermatologically tested. Safe on Skin
Alcohol-free with vitamin E and aloe extract formula
Large absorbency capacity
Contains antibacterial agents.

Perfect for:
Decorators, Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians, Flooring fitters, Builders, Window fitters, care & Hospital, Janitorial supplies, Social Housing, Catering, Emergency services, Farmers, office & Education…and so many more!
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15,00 €
Dimensions: Width 67 cm, height 107 cm, depth 72 cm
Volume: 250 liters
Material: cold, heat and UV resistant polyethylene (PE)
Insulation: polyurethane
Handle, air regulator and door lock material: recycled plastic.
Pest tested
Colors: wine lees, basil, mortar gray and juniper

Spacious and stylish thermal composter for year-round composting. The large lid and emptying hatch of the home composter ensure ease of use.
The large volume and thick thermal insulation allow the composter to be used all year round. The composter's large lid and larger emptying hatch provide ease of use. Despite its size, the lid and hatch of the composter are lightweight and easy to open and close.
The materials are light, durable and very warm. For example, the lid and hatch are made of special foam that is light but durable. The UV-protected housing and thick insulation make it functional and durable.
SKU: Inora250 ,   Qty: In Stock
405,00 €
• Bi-level surface effectively removes moisture and dirt from lift truck wheels to improve lift truck safety.
• Modular mats are easy to install and scalable for the application.
• Aggressive adhesive taping system keeps tiles from moving.
• Polypropylene carpet is easy to clean and fast drying.
• Durable rubber backing and polypropylene carpet top withstand lift truck traffic up to 6000 kg.
• Recommended for all buildings where lift trucks must enter and exit a building to and from the outside.

Size: 115 X 170 cm
Backing: SBR Rubber
Surface: Solution Dyed Polypropylene carpet
Thickness: 6,3mm
Weight: 5 kg/m²
Cleaning method: Vacuum/hot water
Fire retardancy: Passes test EN13501-1 (2007)+ A1 (2009)
SKU: 34216913093 ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 1-2 nädalat
295,00 €
Battery powered post driver DC36V (suitable batteries: 2 x 18V Makita)
Power: 800W
Blows per minute: 1250
Impact force: 45J
Dimensions: 498x253x237mm
Weight: 13 kg

In the set:
- adapters: Ø20, 51, 80 mm

Package dimensions: 540x330x265mm

NB! Batteries are not included in the set!
SKU: RAMM-D80-AKU ,   Qty: In Stock
1265,00 €
Designed to enable one man to knock any size stake, peg or post into the ground, up to a 4” diameter.

Blows per minute 1720
Joules 26
KW 1.0 (1.3HP) at 7,000 rpm
4-stroke, overhead cam
Trigger throttle with integrated stop button
Spring isolated hand grips
Vibration levels m/s2 9.24m/s sq (Data from 100mm diameter wooden post)
Fuel consumption 0.71 L/h at 7,000 rpm
Meets strictest worldwide emission and noise requirements
Starting system Recoil (pull start)
Weight 15.3kg
Engine warranty 1 Year genuine Honda warranty
Post driver warranty 3 Year manufacturer warranty
Noise level >100dB Hearing protection required

The Multi Kit version comes with 3 adapter sizes, of which there are 6 different combinations to choose from.
– MULTI-UK-A; 107mm / 95mm / 78mm
– MULTI-UK-B; 107mm / 78mm / 52mm
– MULTI-UK-C; 107mm / 85mm / 56mm (Clipex)
– MULTI-EURO-A; 107mm / 95mm / 85mm
– MULTI-EURO-B; 107mm / 85mm / 75mm
– MULTI-EURO-C; 107mm / 85mm / 65mm

What is included?
– Easy Petrol Post Driver
– A Multi Adapter, size of your choice (sizes below)
– Tough Box and 1 litre Fuel Can.
– Instruction & Servicing Manual
– 6mm & 3mm Hex Key
– 5ml Loctite
– 50ml Crank Grease
2500,00 €
The petrol-powered hand pile rig is an innovative and very handy tool for installing poles in the ground. The pile driving force of 26 joules and 1720 beats per minute ramms metal piles or wooden posts with a diameter of Ø 10mm - 100mm into the ground. Suitable for installing home garden posts, animal fences, traffic sign posts, tent poles.

Very low vibration (only 9 m / s² in 100 mm diameter wooden post frames) due to separate handles and vibration damping impact mechanism. Ergonomic padded handles and low center of gravity make handling comfortable.

Fuel consumption 0.71 L/h (with 7,000 rpm)

By ramming the fence posts into the soil, you also save time on the concrete mix intended for securing the fence posts at the expense of both digging and backfilling.
60,00 €
Alphabet game 26 pcs a-z
Square 300x300mm
SKU: TERM.ABC ,   Qty: Out of Stock
464,50 €
– dimensions: (L) 1000 x (H) 900mm
– total height 1200mm, part to be concreted 300mm
– profile diameter 90x50 mm
– material thickness: 3.5 mm
– material: hot-dip galvanized steel
– installing method: concreting into the soil
– weight: 15 kg
- place of use: as a bicycle rack, can also be used as a road barrier or fence in shopping centers, parking lots, parks
SKU: JUK26030 ,   Qty: In Stock
65,00 €
hoop of steel tube Ø 48 x 2,5 mm
total width 500 mm, the total height of 1400 mm
casting in concrete
hot-dip galvanized
SKU: Kaar300 ,   Qty: In Stock
52,00 €
The Spelling Dragon A-Z
It is also possible to order without foreign characters
5635x1730 mm
SKU: TERM.DRAAKON ,   Qty: Out of Stock
817,10 €
Snail game with numbers 1-10
SKU: TERM.TIGU1 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1060,70 €
Snail game with numbers 1-10
1900 x 2136mm
SKU: TERM.TIGU ,   Qty: Out of Stock
442,80 €
Asfaldimäng DŽUNGEL
Area: 16000x3000mm
SKU: TERM.DZUNGEL ,   Qty: Out of Stock
6877,20 €
Hopscotch Cloud & Sun
1) 2400x600 mm, numbers 1-9
2) 4000x1000 mm, numbers 1-9
3) 4000x1000 mm, numbers 1-8
SKU: TERM.KEKSPP ,   Qty: Out of Stock
From 289,60 €
Clock face 1-12
SKU: TERM.KELL ,   Qty: Out of Stock
489,80 €
Multiplication table
SKU: TERM.KORRUTUS ,   Qty: Out of Stock
3326,95 €
Round Labyrint
Ø2000 mm
SKU: TERM.LABYRINT ,   Qty: In Stock
298,70 €
Square Labyrint
SKU: TERM.LAB ,   Qty: Out of Stock
661,40 €
The Snake with numbers 1-15
3010x1017 mm
SKU: TERM.MADU ,   Qty: Out of Stock
444,20 €
Chessboard 10x10
SKU: TERM.MALE1010 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
655,60 €
Twister game
2100x1500 mm
SKU: TERM.TWIST ,   Qty: Out of Stock
528,60 €
Number table 1-100
3000x3000 mm
SKU: TERM.NUMBRID1-100 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1346,70 €
Peacock with numbers 1-12
3000x3000 mm
SKU: TERM.LIND ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1324,95 €