Car park barrier

Car park barrier
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Parklio™ Parking Barrier is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects the parking space from unauthorized usage while providing reliable control and efficient parking management. Compared to the traditional parking barriers, it offers many innovative features and possibilities, including automation.

Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS) and Bluetooth connection
Sharing a temporary digital key for visitors
Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries/constant supply
Modern solar panel for sustainable autonomy
Sturdy steel material that withstands up to 9 tons of load
Vandal-proof design
Safety pin
Possible manual control
Easy and simple installation with the supplied fixings
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650,00 €
Bollards or bollards manufactured in resistant steel Q235 quality.
Groof the steel plate of the bollard: 2 mm.
Metal pole made of steel, painted in yellow and black, with high visibility.
Diameter of the central body: 57 mm.
Height of the central body: 600 mm.
Model that has a rectangular base (150 x 110 mm) with 3 holes (13 mm) for fixing to the ground using screws or anchors.
The bollard pivots with respect to the base, passing from positionrtical to horizontal. In vertical position does not allow the passage of vehicles. In horizontal position if it allows the passage of vehicles.
It has an integrated lock on the bollard, to control the locking mechanism. It is not necessary to have padlocks separately.
3 security keys are supplied.
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49,80 €
Allalastava parkimistõkise abil tagad, et enam kunagi ükski võõras auto ei pargi Sinu parkimiskohale.
Parkimistõkis on lukustatav, kaasas 2 võtit.
Valmistatud tsingitud terasest, valge punaste helkurkleebistega
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90,00 €
Allalastava parkimistõkise abil tagad, et enam kunagi ükski võõras auto ei pargi Sinu parkimiskohale.
Valmistatud tsingitud terasest, valge, punaste helkurkleebistega
Parkimistõkis on tabalukuga lukustatav, tabalukk ei ole komplektis
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85,00 €
Bollards or bollards made of resistant Q235 quality steel. Circular bollard.
Electric bollard that is operated by remote control. Maximum comfort Upon arriving with the car we lower the bollard. When we leave, we raise the bollard operated by remote control.
It works connected to 6 VDC, or also with 4 1.5V type D batteries (included). Two keys are supplied to access the interior, to make connections or change batteries.
It is fixed directly to the floor by screws (supplied).
Size in lowered position: 450 x 320 x 73 mm. Size in raised position: 450 x 320 x 400 mm (width x depth x height).
Pylon steel plate thickness: 2 mm.
Metal steel post, painted in yellow and black, high visibility.
Two remote controls are supplied. The remote control has 2 buttons: up and down. The bollard goes up or down, according to the orders it receives from the remote control.
Includes electric bollard, 2 remote control, 2 keys, 3 screws and 4 1.5V D batteries.

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205,00 €