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Marking accessories
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Pavement Signage 495x390x900

- with its dimensions and lightness; practical usage and handling
- with weighted base; max. stability
- customized panel graphics available on request
- chain holes on lateral sides
- integral threaded socket and carrying handles
- lamp&signboard&chain can be directly attachable
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- wide range of use: on parking lots, streets, public areas and all indoor&outdoor areas to guide and channelize pedestrian and vehicles
- material (body/base): PPC-PVC
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73,90 €
The brand new SOPPEC DRIVER™ Line marking trolley is the best on the market: thanks to its stability, simplicity and unique design, it ensures straight lines on smooth or textured surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.
The trolley is intended for use only with SOPPEC TRACING® PRO paint aerosol cans. Simply adjust the handle from the transport position to the work position, place the aerosol can in the holder and the work can begin.

We offer a cart and aerosol as a set, so that the user has everything he needs to start work right away.
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Surface primer is ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as wood, concrete or stone prior to application of our anti-slip tape to prevent moisture degrading the adhesive; it also greatly helps to create an extra bond on other surfaces.
- seals porous surfaces
- 0,5L covers 2,5m2
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25,70 €