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Retractable tape for people queue management. Coil to be fixed to the wall. The tape is extended and spliced with other posts, to set up the queue of people. It has 2 connections that allow you to connect tapes from other posts. A versatile system that allows you to manage queues of people quickly and efficiently.

63mm diameter stainless steel tube.
Retractable tape 3 m long and red.
Includes spare part to connect tapes from other posts.
0.4mm tape thickness.
Plate system with 4 holes to fix the structure to the wall. Dowels and screws are included.
Dimensions: 110 x 140 x 89 mm (width x height x depth).
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ed color: amber
diameter: 10cm
thick: 4cm
fixing: 4x4M
synchronization max. 15 pcs
EN12352 L2H
1400 cd
Power consumption: 0,25A
18 LEDs
The light warning and signaling device has all the certifications in the scope of:
- light - L2H class
- effective time - Class O1
- the intensity of the emitted light - Class F3
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Convex mirror for security signs of 60 cm in diameter.
Resistant to vandalism Made of ABS plastic (structure), polycarbonate (convex mirror) and metal (support).
Specially designed to be installed outdoors. Resist the inclemencies of time.
Easy installation. Metal fittings are supplied for fixing and orienting the mirror. Fixation to the tube (column) diameter 48-68 mm.
Colour of ABS plastic structure: orange.
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39,60 €
LED : 80 x SMD5730
Voltage: 5V DC, USB charger
LED color: amber
Buzzer: 93 dB
Flashing patterns: single flash, double flashes
Material: ABS & PC
Mounting: magnet
Operation temperature: -30º ... 50ºC
Waterproof: IP65
ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
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125,00 €
• Numbrimärgi kõrgus 30cm
• Kahekohaline numbrinäit, LED värv: kollane, punane, roheline
• Andmete edastamine USB, Bluetooth või GPRS abil, Andriod või Windows
• Vilkuv displei, piktogrammide ja sümbolite kuvamine
• IP67
• Mõõdud 610 x 750 x 40 mm
• Komplektis kinnituskomplekt postile 60–180 mm
• Tabloo korpusel olevat teksti saab isikuspärastada

Toiteallika valik:
1) Päikesepaneel - toiteallikas 18Ah aku, mis laetakse päikeseenergia abil. Laadimisseade ja aku on turvaliselt kiirustabloo külge kinnitatavas karbis.
2) Tänavavalgustus - toiteallikas 18Ah aku ja võrguvool. Päeval akutoide ja öösel tänavavalgustusest saadav vool, mis laeb aku uuesti järgmiseks päevaks täis.
3) Vooluvõrk - toiteallikas võrguvool. Kiirustabloo ühendub otse vooluvõrku 90-230V AC.
4) Aku - toietallikas kaks akut 18Ah, mis kestavad keskmiselt 30 päeva (oleneb liiklussagedusest), seejärel tuleb akud uuesti laadida.
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