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Protection bollard for loads of heavy traffic. Octagonal external design to resist impacts from every direction. The internal structure is totally new: sturdy metal plate covered with 4 internal shock absorbers designed to guarantee high shock absorption. Fixing accessories included.

Material: REFLEX
Colour: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
Impact resistance: 9365J
Dimensions: Ø200 H1200mm
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448,50 €
Steel hoop protection guard with rubber springs helps effectively protect machines, inventory or buildings.
– yellow powder-coated layer with black reflective stripes or powder coat and galvanized
– for indoor or outdoor use
– for outdoor use we recommend the galvanised variation, please contact us for more information.
– Incline up to a maximum of 10 degrees
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The lamp illuminating the work area is the perfect solution for ambulances, fire brigade or road assistance vehicles.
power 6500 lm
black housing
magnet mounting to the vehicle roof
cigarette lighter plug
3 meter cable
the set includes a remote control (remote control powered by a 9V battery)
voltage 12 / 24V
rotation - 360 degrees
IP67 certificate
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175,00 €
Technical Data:

Accuracy fine - +/-10mm
Accuracy coarse - +/-20mm
Rechargeable batteries/charger - 7.2V NiMh/2500mAH
Operation time - 40h
Charging time - 15h
Operating temperature - -20C - +50C
Recommended storage temperature - -20C - +60C
​Size - 380x280x130mm Weight 5.5kgs
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750,00 €
Reflective vehicle markings made from self-adhesive retroreflective sheeting
Certified according to ECE 104 class C.
Ideal marking for trucks, tankers, fixed bodies and tarpaulins.
Self-adhesive and washable.
A flexible, weather-resistant, self-adhesive retroreflective film with excellent corrosion and solvent resistance, suitable for marking sources of danger and as warning markings in medium-term outdoor use.

– material: polypropylene
– thickness: 0,2 mm
– temperature range: -40°C kuni +82°C
– Application area: for indoors and outdoors
– ECE 104 klass C

– roll 12.5m
– roll width: 50 mm
– colour: red, yellow, white

The surface must be clean, grease-free, dust-free and dry. The tape can be cleaned with warm water and soap.
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50,00 €
– Ümmargune plastikust silinder, Ø100 mm
– Mõõtmed: 950 x 100 mm
– Värvus: must kollaste valgustpeegeldavate kleebistega
– Komplektis kinnitustarvikud: 2x2m metall kett
– Kaal: 2,7 kg

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Parkng curb with flexible post 1000x200x765mm

– base material: PPC; delineator: TPU
– durable and unbreakable body and base
– 2x reflective tape on flexible post
– temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
– colour: yellow

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72,90 €
Sensor for red (RD400), green (RD400G) beam rotation lasers.
SKU: RD400 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
100,00 €
Accuracy ±2mm
Range 120 m
Laser red, 635 nm, class II, <1mW
Continuous distance measuring yes
Are / volume yes
Pythagoras measuring yes
„Painter” function yes
Length/Area, Volume addition/subtraction yes
Camera yes (x4 magnification)
Skating-out yes
Delay measurement yes
Self-calibration yes
Angle of tilt ±90°
Level bubble yes, electronic
Backlight yes
Record 100
Data transmission USB, Bluetooth
Auto laser off / auto switch off yes
Working range 0~+40°C
Foot (measurements in the corner) yes
Power supply Ni-MH 3x1,2V 800 mAh
Dimensions 130 x 57 x 30 mm
Weight 132 g
SKU: HDM-120BC ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 1-2 nädalat
215,00 €
Cable ramp without mounting material. For occasionally heavy traffic suitable up to 40 tons.
The minimum order quantity is 2 pcs.

- overtravel speed max. 6km/hour.
- 490x600xH75mm
- material: PVC
- colour: black, yellow
- weight 8,7kg
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89,90 €
Fotoluminestsentsmärgistusteip evakuatsiooni- ja päästeteede tähistamiseks. Hästi nähtav pimedas või rohke suitsuga täidetud ruumis.

– materjal: PVC
– materjali paksus: 0,8 mm
– liim: akrülaat
– temperatuurivahemik: -20°C kuni +55°C
– kasutusala: siseruumid
– kleebitav pind: sile betoon, EP/PU/MMA kate, plaatpõrand
– koormus: jalakäijad, kaubaalused
– helendusvõime: 200/25 mcd/m² +/- 10% (10/60 min), vastavalt standardile DIN 67510 (klass C)

– rullis 10m
– rulli laius: 25, 50, 75 mm

Pind peab olema puhas, rasvavaba, tolmuvaba ja kuiv. Märgistusteipi saab puhastada sooja vee ja seebiga.
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