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Low speed vehicles marker sign -sticker
size: 410xH360mm
reflective foil
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High quality seal / sill under the garage door.
The seal is designed to prevent water, dirt and grime from entering the garage when the garage door is open.
The threshold can also be used to divert weather water on slopes, driveways, etc.
The product is made of strong, durable and completely weather-resistant synthetic rubber - EPDM, does not lose elasticity or age.
Suffers from driving over vehicles and does not damage tires.
The elasticity of the material ensures a more comfortable crossing.

- material: EPDM rubber
- dimensions: 1000 х 78 х 14mm
- color: black

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Type of product Full Kits
Range Small
Maximum height above the flooring board (cm) 233
Minimum height above the flooring board (cm) 160
Available heights above beams (cm) 158, 171, 183, 195, 207, 219, 232
Height-adjustable every (cm) 12,1
Total maximum load (Kg) 1400
Beam height (cm) 10
Width/Length-adjustable every (cm) 10
Maximum length of the primary beam (cm) 275
Minimum length of the primary beam (cm) 155
Maximum length of the secondary beam (cm) 257
Minimum length of the secondary beam (cm) 147
Maximum area (m²) 8
Minimum area (m²) 3
Load capacity in its minimum extension (kg/m²) 700
Load capacity in its maximum extension (kg/m²) 200
Flooring material European Radiata pine plywood 18 mm thick
Material and finish of the structure Structural steel painted with powder coating
Net weight (Kg) 263
Gross weight (Kg with packaging) 295
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Hopscotch Rocket 1-10
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Playground Set "Orle" with Climbing Boulder

- age group of users: 3 - 14 years
- maximum height / free-fall: 1.74 m
- the dimensions of the device (L x W x H) 5.24 x 4.13 x 2.34 m
- surface dimensions: (L x W) 8.39 x 7.55 m
- the construction is made of steel, HDPE polyethylene sheet and reinforced ropes
- chrome steel slide
- waterproof plywood platform
- the construction is anti-corrosion and painted with structural acrylic varnish
- climbing stones made of epoxy elements with a non-slip structure
- the set includes concrete B30 foundations that facilitate assembly
- weigh 390kg (playground set) + 450kg (concrete foundations)

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