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Liiklusmärk 311a „Sõidukeeld” keelab kõigi sõidukite liikluse
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Liiklusmärk 186 - "Muud ohud" hoiatab liiklusohtlikust teelõigust või kohast. Ohu iseloom on näidatud tahvlil.

SG1 700x700x700 mm
SG2 900x900x900 mm
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NOCO Genius Boost 150 startup aid, developed in the United States.

- Starting current: 3000A
- Suitable for any car - boat - truck - tractor, etc. for petrol and diesel engines (even larger than 10l)
- Voltage: 12V
- Comes with a 12V charger
- Up to 80 starts on a single charge
- Micro-USB input / output: 5V - 2.1A
- Can also be used as a 12V battery bank
- Contains battery: lithium ion
- Short circuit and spark protection
- Overheating protection
- IP65
- Operating temperature: -30 - + 50 ° C
- Dimensions: 312x177x68mm
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Column corner protector with reflective tapes on the surface
- dimensions: 90x140x900mm
- material PPC+PVC
- color: black- yellow, with white reflective film
- impact-resistant flexible body
- mounted with Ø8 anchor / Ø4x38 mm lag screw
- temperature resistance between -20Cº / + 60Cº
- it is suitable for use in car parking areas and similar places in order not to damage the corners of walls and columns, and to prevent damage of vehicles.
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Ground protection mats can be successfully used for temporary access roads, parking lots or problematic places that require surface hardening. The assembly does not require preparation of the foundation, the plates can be placed directly on the levelled ground.
Special fasteners are required for installation - the plates are equipped with 10 dedicated holes.
The mats are double-sided, which makes them very functional.
Designed for light traffic (up to 3.5 tons) the permissible speed for road traffic is 10 km / h
The mats are easy to clean

Dimensions 180x120x12,5 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Material: 100% recycled polyethylene
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The DigiRoller Plus III - Dependable, Durable and Accurate

The DigiRoller Plus III can measure lengths, widths and heights, and it can calculate areas, volumes, perimeters and more in U.S. or metric units. The Digi puts the controls right in the palm of your hand - no stooping, bending or squinting.

The DigiRoller Plus III is built to last. It has a reinforced metal shaft and the LCD has an anti-shock mount.
Measuring Range: 0 to 9,999,999 (yards, meters)
Wheel Accuracy: 99.5%
Internal Math Accuracy: 12 digits
Length: Extended - 40.5" (103 cm)
Folded - 21.5" (55 cm)
Wheel Size: 12.5" diameter (32 cm)
39.3" circumference (1 m)
Maximum Speed: 12 mph (19 km/h)
Display Capacity: 7 digits (9,999,999)
Weight: 4.1 lbs (1.9 kg)
Power: One 9V battery
Operating Temperature: 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

Handy backpack/carrying case
One 9V battery
Reflective tape for safety
Two-year warranty
Wrist lanyard
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