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Patarei toitel LED vilkur koos valgusti funktsiooniga
360º Vilkur ja otsas 6000k LED valgusti
Mõõtmed: ø90(70) x40mm
Magneti võimsus - kuni 80km/h
Patareid: 3 x AAA patarei
Saab kasutada taskulambina, vilkuri all riputuskonks.
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55,00 €
Rechargeable beacon, work with full battery 4H
LED: 0,5W x32pcs, yellow, yellow glass
Dimensions: Ø110xx72mm
Voltage: 10-30 VDC
Flashing patterns: 10
Battery: 18650x3, 2200MAH 11.7V
Fasteners: magnet
ECE R65 Class 2, R10, SAE J845
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75,00 €
Convex mirror 60 cm in diameter.
Made of ABS plastic (structure), polycarbonate (convex mirror) and metal (support).
Resistance to vandalism.
Specially designed to install indoors.
Easy installation
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58,00 €
LED : 80 x SMD5730
Voltage: 5V DC, USB charger
LED color: amber
Buzzer: 93 dB
Flashing patterns: single flash, double flashes
Material: ABS & PC
Mounting: magnet
Operation temperature: -30º ... 50ºC
Waterproof: IP65
ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
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125,00 €
LED: 1W x234pcs, yellow, transparent glass
Dimensions: 1224x257x43mm
Voltage: 10-30 VDC
Flashing patterns: 10
5-meter power cord, cigarette lighter plug
Two remote controls, one is wireless
Fasteners: bracket mount with magnetic pads
ECE R65 Class 2, R10, SAE J845 Class 1
SKU: WL3010-48W/C ,   Qty: In Stock
650,00 €
ed color: amber
diameter: 10cm
thick: 4cm
fixing: 4x4M
synchronization max. 15 pcs
EN12352 L2H
1400 cd
Power consumption: 0,25A
18 LEDs
The light warning and signaling device has all the certifications in the scope of:
- light - L2H class
- effective time - Class O1
- the intensity of the emitted light - Class F3
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