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3D Spheres are perfect solution for children playground equipment enrichment, it can be used as balance trainers or a seating. As well as being used in playgrounds, 3D rubber shapes pop up more and more often in urban areas, gardens, even city streets, as a piece of play equipment, park seating or just as a decorative touch.
3D rubber shapes become a tool for kids’ physical education: it trains vestibular system, climbing and jumping skills, and promotes spatial thinking.
For both indoor and outdoor use. EPDM does not have the characteristic smell of rubber.

- coloured EPDM rubber granulate, MDI polyurethane glue
- they can be mounted on an anchor in the sub-base or glued on a safety tile surface
- installation surface for 3D forms should be rubber tiles or in-situ rubber layer with at least 0,8 m HIC value according EN1177 if installed under spheres of 700 mm diameter.
- hole dimensions for steel anchors 32 mm for D350
- available in 22 different colors
- dimensions (width x height): 350mm x 350mm
- weight: 25kg
- test data: EN 1176–1:2017
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Flex City-Bollard Bala.
- material: TPU
- 2x RA2 reflective tape,
- colour: grey
- Ø80 H680mm
- weight: 1,46kg
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Sani-Trax disinfecting foot bath entrance mat cleans and disinfects shoes to prevent contamination. Fill with disinfectant liquid to clean and sanitize shoes.

- Thickness: 19 mm
- 100% natural rubber compound
- Holds 4 ½ litres of disinfecting solution
- Available in 60 cm x 81 cm to fit most entrances
- Convenient mat size fits most doorways
- Suction cups on underside prevents mat from shifting
- 100% tough natural rubber compound; designed to resist to most chemicals and variations in temperature
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Laia vaateväljaga liikluspeegel tagab veelgi parema nähtavuse kui seda pakuvad traditsioonilised liikluspeeglid.

- 3-suunaline vaateväli kuni 180°
- nägemisulatus 8m
- komplektis kinnitustarvikud seinale kui ka postile Ø34-90mm kinnitamiseks
- P.A.S materjalist - purunematu, kvaliteetne, selge ja terav pilt, antistaatiline ja kriimustusvastane kattekihiga
- plastikust raam - punane-valge, UV-kaitsekihiga kaetud
- saab paigaldada horisontaalselt või vertikaalselt
- mõõtmed: 800x400x300mm
- kaal 7 kg
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Ultra-compact size Led beacon panel.
- yellow light and lens
- 24xPowerLED
- Steady on function
- includes a mounting kit for mounting surface
- 29 different flash programs

- width 251mm
- height 59mm
- depth 331mm

- ECE R65 / R10
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Parklio™ Parking Barrier is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects the parking space from unauthorized usage while providing reliable control and efficient parking management. Compared to the traditional parking barriers, it offers many innovative features and possibilities, including automation.

Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS) and Bluetooth connection
Sharing a temporary digital key for visitors
Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries/constant supply
Modern solar panel for sustainable autonomy
Sturdy steel material that withstands up to 9 tons of load
Vandal-proof design
Safety pin
Possible manual control
Easy and simple installation with the supplied fixings
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