Clamp for traffic sign for 60mm post

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Road sign hook clamp with quick attachment, for post 60mm
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Traffic sign post made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe. Diameter 60mm, length 3500mm.
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When a vehicle collides with a road sign post, which is equipped with a spring, the road sign restores its upright position.
Suitable for traffic poles up to 1.6m long and Ø60mm in diameter
Tested: 70 km/h
Recommended areas of use: parking lots, separation islands, tramways, ring roads, etc.
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Traffic sign post tip for 60mm post
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- Dimensions: 500x500x300mm
- Hole in the middle Ø max 80 mm and bottom Ø 60 mm
- Weight: 80 kg
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The concrete barrier is great for both temporary and permanent road blocking and, due to its more compact size, can be placed in smaller spaces. Because of the shape, the barrier allows for easy lifting and movement e.g. by fork lift truck. It has reflectors on four sides and comes with a hole for a pole.

Height: 500 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Weight: 130 kg
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The mounting sleeve is used to quickly install and remove road signs in places exposed to frequent damage, e.g. as a result of traffic accidents, by turning lorries, intentional damage or in places where signage is often changed.

These sleeves will also be of use in places such as:

traffic islands
pedestrian refuges
lane dividers
in places with changed traffic organization, e.g. cemeteries during All Saints’ Day

The sleeve allows for mounting traffic signs on 1.5” and 2” posts. Place the nut and the clamping insert on the post. Then place the post in the sleeve base and tighten the nut.
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