Expanding barrier red/white

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Extendable barrier up to 2.3 m
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Walkway with foldable railings
– Easy-to-handle aluminum construction
– Reflective stickers included
– With non-slip coating
– Load bearing capacity: 200 kg/m2
– Dimensions: 3,2 x 1,2 meters
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1897,00 €
25x metal garden (2.3 meters)
1x transport vessel

Total weight: 640 kg

Metal garden:
– With swivel legs
– Length: 1100 x Width: 2300mm
– Frame diameter: 40mm
– Net: steel; diameter: 19
– Finishing: galvanised
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Chain Post Set:
6 posts
5x3m plastic chain (red-white)
10 universal hooks

No water or sand filling.
Heavy foot with anti-slip element ensures stability and avoids scratches in flooring.
post: 63x1000 mm
weight: 4,2 kg

Set weight: 30 kg

Color: red-white
SKU: 12463PV ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 2 nädalat
239,95 €
Chain Barricade post Extra Big, Ø110mm H1200mm, can be fill with sand.

- yellow, black reflective tapes
- easily mountable/demountable handle and weighted base with sand filling
- with weighted base has joggle-locked joint system; max. stability
- with 4x reflective sleeves, class RA 2 ; high visibility
- integral chain hole and threaded socket in handle part
- operating temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- weight: 4kg, filled with sand becomes 8-10kg heavier
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Pavement Signage 495x390x900

- with its dimensions and lightness; practical usage and handling
- with weighted base; max. stability
- customized panel graphics available on request
- chain holes on lateral sides
- integral threaded socket and carrying handles
- lamp&signboard&chain can be directly attachable
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- wide range of use: on parking lots, streets, public areas and all indoor&outdoor areas to guide and channelize pedestrian and vehicles
- material (body/base): PPC-PVC
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Ideal cords for delimiting zones or managing queues. Its elegant design and high-quality materials make it ideal for integration anywhere.
They are suitable for all types of posts or even walls, as they have rings at the ends for easy anchoring.

Separator post rounded finish 2 units
-With metallic details
-Quick fastening hooks for attaching to the post.
-Length 1.5 m and diameter 3 cm.
SKU: BBELEGANCE ,   Qty: Out of Stock
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