Laser sensor for cross lasers with red beam CLS-1

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Laser sensor for cross lasers (CLS-1 for red beam, CLS-1G for green beem)

receiving range of the laser beam 4 cm, 180°
high accuracy of work adapted according to the needs (± 1 mm, ± 2mm)
leveled sound alarm
reach everything by eye – readable LEDs helps to control the height value (both side)
rugged housing design
ability to classic measure the elevations by the classical by a sensor holder fixed to classic staff (holder is an option)
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RD series receivers are designed for rotary lasers.

- for red laser beam (also available for green laser beam RD200G).
- laser beam reception range - 4.5 cm, 180 °
- high precision of custom work (± 1 mm, ± 2 mm)
- leveled audible signal
- eye-readable LEDs adjust the height value (on both sides)
- durable housing design
- possibility to measure heights classically with the help of a sensor holder (holder is optional)
- backlit display (front, rear)
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Digital sensor with numeric elevation

Universality – cooperation with a laser beam: red and green
Wide detection range of the laser beam through a 90 mm ribbon detector
High accuracy work (changeable: ± 1 mm, ± 2 mm, ± 5mm, ± 10mm)
Detector calculates and displays the specific value of the difference level in millimeters [mm]
Everything in sight- a large, clear LCD display (second display on the back of the sensor), additional LED display to read from far distances (eg. when reading from the cab of the machine)
Audible differences in height (different volume levels)
Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of no response
Tight fit on the staff of the laser using the handle (supplied with the sensor)
High resistance to the action of water and dust, confirmed class IP67
Operating temperature -20°C - 50°C
Power supply 1 x AA batterys
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Glasses for green beam lasers.
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Target for red or green beam lasers.
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GA-XZPT – used to mount a laser level on a tripod at any angle from 0° to 90°
3D – used to mount laser crossliners (with 1/4” tripod thread) or laser distance meters on a tripod (type: SJJ-M1) and to tilt them in any direction in 3 axes
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CLS series is designed for cross lasers (with pulse function)

- Versatility - receiver for red, green and blue cross laser (CL2/3/4)
- Modern rapid detection system (able to distinguish the laser beam from strong light, e.g strong sunlight)
- High working accuracy (± 1 mm)
- Long distance (70 m)
- DC9V alkaline battery

- receiver
- holder
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