LED arrow mat, black with red LEDs

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Magnetic LED Direction Sign is a perfect choice to enhance safety awareness in a work zone or at the roadside. This portable battery-powered magnetic LED direction sign provides 4 flashing arrow lights and heavy-duty magnets to hold to your vehicle. Attach sign to the vehicle with the arrow facing any direction you need. After use, roll up and store in the black nylon bag. Select this LED arrow sign for roadside emergencies or slow-moving vehicles.

Lighted Sign has visibility over 800 meters
Battery life more than 18hours
Size: 850 x 445 x 6,5 mm
Made of a sturdy black waterproof vinyl with heavy-duty magnets
Includes 8 grommets for hassle-free mounting on any magnetic surface
Each reflective direction arrow includes 9 super bright Amber LED light bulbs
Easy On/Off power button located on the front of the sign
Batteries required and installed inside battery pack in backside battery pouch
The pouch has double pockets to protect from rain
Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
Includes black nylon storage bag.
Weight: 1,3 kg
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