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These playful seat cushions are a perfect addition to any court. The products can be combined and are available in three different sizes.
Possibility to create complete green areas and rest areas by combining them with other products of the series.

Dimensions: 1150*1150*450mm
Weight: 113kg

The rooms have:
• Fixing holes for fixing to the ground
• Warranty 5 years

Frame material
• Corten steel 3 mm
• Aluminum 4 mm + 2-layer powder coating

Seat material:
• Material: Garapa wood
• Flag sizes: 60x40 mm

Regular cleaning and oiling of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood is preserved longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning and dirt removal with clean water.

NB! Do not use a pressure washer.
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Points of attention • All products must be unpacked immediately after delivery. • Every kind of (hard) wood will turn grey under the influence of UV radiation, weather and wind. The final colour depends on the starting colour. • Wood is a natural product that “works” and will shrink or expand depending on temperature and moisture content. • Hardwood can turn black when in contact with Corten steel, which will eventually turn gray. • Corten Steel should never be constantly in moisture, it should drain well and ventilate in all situations. • Corten Steel products are not (fully) rusted on delivery, we only use Corten steel type S355JOWP. • Coastal areas: We do not recommend using Corten steel within a radius of 2 km from a coastline. • During the weathering process rust residue can come off the product, which can result in stains. • Drilling / grinding in the material is not permitted.
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wood 10x100mm
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seat, backrest: oiled exotic wood
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The bench is installed by screwing it to the ground
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Seat: teak, nut brown
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Seat, backrest: teak, nut brown
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The bench is installed by screwing it to the ground
SKU: 001258
Angular pink. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for various social and cultural spaces to create the necessary resting places or seating options in the space.
The product is designed for both temporary and permanent spaces, it is perfect for furnishing schools and kindergartens as well as outdoor areas of amusement parks, homes, spas.
It is possible to stick an advertisement or your company logo on the side of the bench.

Design: AART designers

Rotational molded polyethylene, 6-7 mm thick, painted.
A single molded piece.
UV-resistant, withstands weather conditions, wear and tear.
The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.

Surface coating:
The product has a textured/granulated surface, thanks to which no slip is produced.

TÜV approved as playground equipment accordingly. EN1176.

One module: L1400xB1400mmxH400mm, width (cross section): 400mm.
Volume: 250 liters.
3-4 seats inside / 4-5 seats outside.

Combine details into a loop like "O" (square, 4 modules) or "C" (2 modules) or "S" (2 or more modules).
Loop Corner details can also be combined with Loop Line and Loop Arc benches to form interesting and unique shapes and combinations in urban spaces.

Assembly & fixing:
The modules are connected at both ends with clamps (B4). Fill them with water (160 liters) / sand (265 kg) or attach them to the ground. Clamps must be ordered separately.

Color choice:
Check out the color selection under the product images.
The manufacturer offers a separate option to order a product made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastic
of which 85% comes from internal waste and production surplus and 15% comes from polyethylene bags.
The recycled version has an eco-label and can only be ordered in the color: Anthracite* (the color may vary according to the residues in production)

Armrests can be placed between the modules.
Material: stainless steel, blown glass
The armrest also works as a mounting bracket. may exclude armrest results B4 mounting brackets.

It resists most detergents and chemicals, and this product can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The color can be revived using a vinyl cleaner or similar.
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