Round speed bump Ø425xH50 mm

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Ø425xH50 mm
Made of PVC material
4 mounting holes
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The rubber speed bump is a product designed for a wide range of road users who wish to increase the level of safety. Made of rubber in black and yellow. Equipped with a “cat’s eye” for increased visibility at night. The material used provides for long-term usage and preservation of colour.
Size: 500x900xH50 mm
Fixing holes: 6
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This model of speed bump “LONG” is the perfect solution for traffic calming in:
-internal roads
-parking areas
-work zones

-where a required speed limit of 10 - 25 km/h e.g. : in school zones, shopping malls, hotels, petrol stations, garages, etc.

- dimensions: 1830x300xH55mm
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The flat traffic threshold, or Berlin threshold, is ideal for places where low speeds are required, it also allows large vehicles to travel smoothly. The threshold attracts attention and increases safety and speed reduction (up to 30 km/h).

– consists of four modules
– Dimensions: 2000x1800x65 mm
– Material: vulcanised rubber (hard-wearing, UV-protected)
– Color: red
– Reflective arrows (3M class 2) and 4 cover-reflectors
– Maximum overtaking speed: 30 km/h
– Use glue for stronger fastening (not included in the set)
– Suitable in temperatures between -40°C and +60°C
– Easily installable
– Good value for money
– Weight: 240 kg
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PVC material
2 mounting holes
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16,50 €
Cable threshold with 2-channel can withstand the load of a laden truck.

Material: EPDM rubber
Dimension: 500х300х55,6mm
Colour: black
Hole diameter - 29 mm
Weight: 5,5 kg
SKU: LP300 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 1-2 nädalat
36,00 €
- unbreakable metal spikes and durable plastic cover
- blocker facility to leave spikes closed when stacking and allowing private passing directly away
- blocker facility also provides stringent obstruction for reverse direction passing
- better visibility with unilateral reflective tapes
- with sloped shape; no dislocation on ground and no damage on wheel trim
- with modular design; expandable to any road width attaching to each other
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- wide range of use: on roads, streets, parking lots and all points required to control one way
- weight 7,3 kg
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