Solaris Lite - 20,000 lumens - 1.8 metres

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The new advanced 20,000 lumen Solaris Lite series uses the latest LED technology to provide a powerful portable device.
This luminaire can be set up for quick start-up in less than 1 minute and is made of very strong ABS plastic to ensure a long service life and reliability in all situations.
The lamp head attaches to a telescopic arm that can be extended up to 1.86 meters.

- luminous flux (operating time): 16000lm (2h) and 2000lm (16h)
- waterproof and dustproof: IP65
- Power supply: 14.8v 22A / h SLA battery
- Dimensions: 248x300x58 mm
- weight: 5.7 kg
- head dimensions - 248x300x58mm
- dimensions of the suitcase - 140x250x180mm
- assembled for transport 460x460x320mm

Included: diffuse filter, case, shoulder strap, solaris 20k lamp, charger, telescopic arm
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The SOLARIS Megastar luminaire illuminates up to 50m and is suitable for use at sports events, construction work and in emergencies. It takes a few minutes to set the operating mode.
Leg length up to 3.5 meters.

- 20,000 lumens
- Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 28 hours
- Quick and easy to assemble
- Virtually unbreakable polyethylene body with polycarbonate lens
- Twisted cord to avoid tripping hazard
- Adjustable 4-section rod with safety pins
- luminous flux (working time): 20000lm (2 / 3hrs30min) and 2000lm (28h)
- waterproof and dustproof: IP44
- power supply: 12v 38A / h SLA, battery status indicator
- Dimensions: (head) L300xD58xH248, (tripod) L1500xD150xH150
- weight: 19.8 kg

solar 20k lamp
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The most powerful battery-powered floodlight in the world. SOLARIS DUO offers a real alternative to generator lights. Powerful LED luminaires can emit up to 40,000 lumens !!!
All parts in the kit are housed in a shatterproof plastic case with wheels and a pull-out handle for easy transport. The lamp heads attach to telescopic arms up to 1.9 meters long. Stability is ensured by the support legs attached to the suitcase.

- luminous flux (working time) 3-24h: 4000lm (24h), 8000lm (12h), 16000lm (6h) and 40000lm (3h)
- waterproof and dustproof: IP67
- power supply: 16.8v 50A / h Li-on (battery indicator)
- charging time: 7.3 hours
- Dimensions: 280x380x570 mm
- weight: 19.7 kg

Included: diffuse filter, case, 2 solaris 20k lamps, charger 16A, carbon fiber tripods
SKU: NSSOLARISDUO20K-LI-ION50 ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 2-3 nädalat
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Powerful LED headlamp up to 800 lumens and beam up to 550m. The brightness and beam of the lamp can be adjusted as needed.

- Cree® XPG2-S3 LED
- 800 lumens
- 550 meters
- working time up to 169 hours
- USB charger
- battery 3.7V 2600mAh
- 90 ° rotating lamp head

Vehicle Charger
Helmet Clips
Spare Battery
AC Adaptor (UK Or EU)
USB Charging Cable
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The lamp illuminating the work area is the perfect solution for ambulances, fire brigade or road assistance vehicles.
power 6500 lm
black housing
magnet mounting to the vehicle roof
cigarette lighter plug
3 meter cable
the set includes a remote control (remote control powered by a 9V battery)
voltage 12 / 24V
rotation - 360 degrees
IP67 certificate
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- Portable, collapsible design
- Quick and easy setup
- When folded 0.66 m / tripod reaches 1.5 m
- Powerful 2000 lumens, up to 30m light beam
- Working time 1.5-4.5 hours
- 7.4 V 2000 mAh rechargeable battery with indicator
- Can be used connected to AC power
- Switch and brightness control panel
- Warm white / cool white light output
- Multi-angle rotating luminaire
- Removable luminaire head with suspension hook and magnetic base
- Strong aluminum housing
- IPX4 rating
- Dimensions 80x80x665mm
- Weight 1.8kg

Supplied in a carrying case.
Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Solaris PRO is a high-power, portable LED lamp.
All in one system. Lightweight lamp with a compact design and extension rod, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

- 16000 lumens / 500 m beam
- Up to 2.25-48 hours of operation - low battery indicator
- Spot Beam for long distance and Wide Beam lighting
- Lightweight, portable, quick to set up
- The extension rod reaches 1.85 meters with the built-in cable to avoid the risk of tripping
- Built-in stability feet for use on uneven ground
- 180C head mobility and 4 different degrees of angle adjustment
- All in one (light, battery and 1.85 m extension rod) light (7-8.5 kg) and compact design.
- IP65
- 18Ah Li-ion battery
- Dimensions: 517x155x200mm
- weight: 7kg

Comes with AC charger and shoulder strap

Also available with larger battery Solaris Pro-X (36Ah Li-ion) - Ask for an offer!
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