White/red expanding steel barrier

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Extending barrier garden up to 4 m
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- a road barrier filled with water or sand, which is an ideal traffic diverter on streets and highways
- reflective stickers class RA2
- a traffic control device approved by the highway authority
- material: weather-, corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene
- dimensions: L1500mm x H800mm
- weight 17 kg, filled up to 80 kg
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126,50 €
MegaMAX Post with chain lead-through
4 reflective tapes RA2
height 120 cm,
foot: Ø 40 cm
post Ø 11 cm
empty weight 4 kg
Foots can be filled with 8-10 kg sand
SKU: 12404 ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 2 nädalat
51,90 €
Chain Barricade post Extra Big, Ø110mm H1200mm, can be fill with sand.

- yellow, black reflective tapes
- easily mountable/demountable handle and weighted base with sand filling
- with weighted base has joggle-locked joint system; max. stability
- with 4x reflective sleeves, class RA 2 ; high visibility
- integral chain hole and threaded socket in handle part
- operating temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- weight: 4kg, filled with sand becomes 8-10kg heavier
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43,90 €
Panel fence 2100x1100 mm, yellow-red RA1 stickers

5 mounting posts for hazard lights
barriers can be linked up to any length (with a special durable clip)
steel reinforcements on the sides
easy assembly and disassembly with standard road or construction sign bases
high-quality virgin HDPE - for improved durability and weather resistance
certificate of conformity with TL-Absperrschranken 97 - highest quality and safety
SKU: 34216913303 ,   Qty: In Stock
105,00 €
In the set:
20x plastic fence 2000x1000mm, RA1 red-yellow reflective film
21x foot 30kg
1x storage and transport tie-bar for fences
1x Storage and transport tie-bar for feet
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Compartment that includes a retractable tape for queue management. System to be fixed on the wall. The tape is spread out and fixed to the other end of the wall, it is also possible to fix it to another pole. Ideal for managing queues of people quickly and efficiently.

Retractable tape for queue management with wall fixing through magnets.
Includes 2 m long red retractable tape.
0.5mm tape thickness. Width of the tape 5 cm.
Fixing system with 4 holes for the structure to the wall.
Includes wall fixing for the final end of the tape by means of 2 magnets.
Designed in black ABS plastic.

Gross Weight: 578 g
Product size (width x depth x height): 15.5 x 10.0 x 13.5 cm
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