72W Highpower Overhead Crane Warning Lights red spot light

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LED power: 72W
LED: 24*3W Cree
Operating Voltage: 10-80V DC
Lens: PMMA
Color: red
Beam: line/spot
Material: Aluminum & PC housing
Mounting Bracket: Alu firm bracket
Waterproof rate: IP68
50000 hours above the lifetime
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Voltage: 9-60 V
Output: 120 W (blue) ja 84 W (red)
Blue 12000 lm and red 8400 lm
Operating temperature: inbetween -40°C and 85 °C
Number of LEDs: 24
Protection class: IP67
Color: red or blue
Adjustable mounting: 150° up and down
Length of the cable: 3.3 m

In case of ordering, please note in the notes section:
1) red or blue safety light
2) dot or line safety light
SKU: MXC ,   Qty: Out of Stock ,   Delivery time: 2 nädalat
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Voltage: 12-80V
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Description: R10
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Dimensions: 182x63mm
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Description: 9 x 3W Osram, suitable for forklifts, red linear light, impact resistant, waterproof, UV-protected, RFI/EMC, CE/E, R10, side mountings and an included U-mount
Description: 554lm (raw), 1559cd, aluminium corpus, Lexan-polycarbonate glass, polycarbonate refractors, R10, rubber cable (450mm) with 2 terminals Deutsch plug, heat regulation, -40°C … +60°C
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Dimensions: 122x75x75mm
Type: 6W
Voltage: 9-110V
Description: 2 x 3W Cree, blue spotlight, suitable for forklifts, CE, RFI/EMC, IP68
aluminum housing, Lexan PC-glass, height with mounting foot: 100mm
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69,50 €
Voltage: 10-110V DC
Working temperature: -45°C to +85 °C
Lumens: 850 lm
Material: Aluminium die-cast housing, PC cover, stainless steel bracket
Flashing blue spot beam
Life-time >50000h
Protection class IP7
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Voltage: 10-30 VDC
LED: 2x10 W
Temp: -40°C to 60 °C
IP: 67
Color: Blue
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