Anti-slip disinfection mat for vehicles

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Disinfection mats for vehicles effectively limit the entry of pathogens on vehicle wheels into production and breeding zones.
Ideal running mat for all vehicles with a wheel circumference of less than 4 meters (eg large tractors and trucks).
The mat has anti-slip protrusions, thanks to which it perfectly adheres to the surface.
The mats meet all valid veterinary requirements.

Mats are intended for use:
- in food processing establishments
- in animal quarantine stations
- in mushroom farms
- in greenhouses - growing greenhouse vegetables,
-in animal breeding facilities
- in chicken coops
- helping
- in places where animals gather and gather
- at agricultural fairs and exhibitions
and in many other places where disinfection upon entering the building is necessary.

These mats are 5mm thick. Mats in other sizes and thicknesses are also available. For special requests, write to us at


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Mat construction:
The top layer is made of a very strong synthetic material with excellent hygroscopic properties, thanks to which the disinfectant solution flows in both directions. This material is mainly used in military production. It is characterized by very high tear strength. This layer also acts as a cleaner, thanks to which all kinds of pathogens - viruses, bacteria or fungi are effectively removed from shoes, hooves, hooves and car wheels and remain on its surface so that they do not penetrate the absorbent layer and deactivate the disinfectant.
Absorbent layer - made of polyurethane foam with a very well-chosen density, making it absorbent and durable.
The bottom layer is made of strong, water- and oil-resistant material, which prevents the migration of the disinfectant solution outside the mat. In addition, this material has anti-slip protrusions, thanks to which it perfectly adheres to the surface.
The mat is equipped with a zipper, which allows easy cleaning and changing the absorbent layer.
All materials used in the manufacture of the mat are of the highest quality and with proper care the mat can serve for many years.
Mats should be placed inside the building or under the roof. If the mats are placed outside a building without a roof, the mats should be protected from the rain during rain.
The minimum size of the mat according to the regulation on agricultural and rural development is equal to the width of the doorway and the length of 1 meter.
Mats should be placed in all doorways leading to rooms where animals are kept or production based on animal raw materials is carried out.
Mats should be soaked with disinfectants according to the recommendations of the manufacturers of these preparations.
Warning signs detailing the special conditions for their use should be hung in places where disinfection mats are placed.
In winter, during negative temperatures (0 to -10 C), 10% glycol or other antifreeze should be added to the disinfection solution.
If the outside temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius, soaked mats should be stored in heated rooms so that the disinfectant does not freeze and damage the absorbent core of the mat.
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