Barrier Cap L125mm, yellow

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A good solution for marking sharp edges and protecting workers.
- color: yellow
- material: PVC
- dimensions: 80x320x125mm
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Reflective road, street, wall or mast sign. It is a beacon with an orange reflector.
Structure made of sturdy metal with perforations to be fixed to a wall or mast.
Ideal for signalling or delimiting industrial areas, streets, private or public roads, etc.
Fixing hardware is not supplied.
Total size: 18 x 180 x 31 mm. Reflector size: 17 x 180 mm.
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Road reflector signal to be installed on a wall or fence, at a certain height.
Dimensions: 180mm (height) x 50 (width) x 40mm (depth).
It has two opposite orange and white reflectors respectively.
Made of resistant black plastic, on which the reflectors are fixed.
It has 2 holes for fixing using screws (not included), but can also be fixed with some industrial glue (not included).
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