Beltrac Safety barrier 3,7m yellow-black

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Yellow fence post with 3.7m yellow-black tape

- post H1000 mm, D83 mm
- tape 3.7 m, width 50 mm
- base D355 mm, weight 9 kg
- weight of post+stand 13 kg

Suitable for outdoor use
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Extending barrier garden up to 4 m
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Skipper XS is a practical indoor fencing system, well suited for fencing areas in warehouses, production and institutions. Versatile fastenings allow Skipper XS tape to be attached to virtually any side, be it wall, shelf, post, mirror.
Fasteners are not included.

The length of the Skipper XS tape is 9 meters!
Dimensions: Ø145x126 mm
Weight: 0.7 kg
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Rechargeable LED lamp attached to the Skipper tape system.
Twilight sensor and manual on / off functions.
Average battery life: 25 hours continuous, 57 hours flashing
Powered by AA rechargeable batteries
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Chain Post Set:
6 posts
5x3m plastic chain (red-white)
10 universal hooks

No water or sand filling.
Heavy foot with anti-slip element ensures stability and avoids scratches in flooring.
post: 63x1000 mm
weight: 4,2 kg

Set weight: 30 kg

Color: red-white
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Chain Barricade post Extra Big, Ø110mm H1200mm, can be fill with sand.

- yellow, black reflective tapes
- easily mountable/demountable handle and weighted base with sand filling
- with weighted base has joggle-locked joint system; max. stability
- with 4x reflective sleeves, class RA 2 ; high visibility
- integral chain hole and threaded socket in handle part
- operating temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- weight: 4kg, filled with sand becomes 8-10kg heavier
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BELTRAC Classic is with a long lifespan even in extreme use. A heavy cast iron base provides exceptional stability. The rubberized base is non-marking to protect flooring from scratches and is notched to allow for airflow, permitting faster drying of newly cleaned floors.

The belt material is tightly woven and stable and is available from classic to modern.

Chrome post with red belt 2.3m

- post H1000 mm, D83 mm
- belt 2.3 m, width 50 mm
- base D355 mm, weight 9 kg
- post + base weight 12 kg

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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