Chain traffic separator 590x160x160mm

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The chain traffic separator is an element of road safety used for temporary or permanent separation of part
of road lane during roadworks. It can be used to change the organization of the movement. Also on the
parking lots to the fencing individual areas by traffic. Checks also to wrap the flowerbeds, islands. It is easy
and fast to install and allows you to organize very unusual surface shapes even from different angles.
It is made of rubber granulate.
Use it in yellow, black, red and white color.

Dimensions: 590x160x160mm
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Separator is an element of road safety used for marking bicycle lanes, separating tramway rail tracks from vehicle lanes, designation of parking spaces, separation of bus bays, etc.
Dimensions: 1200 x 150 x 45mm
Color: black-white, rubber
Fixing holes 3
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Traffic sign 686, 150x600mm, RA2
Attachable to the lane separation module
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Consul 50 is an element of road safety made of rubber granules in a brick-red color. The edge of Consul can be covered with white reflective microspheres or with white 3M reflective tape. It makes very good visibility even at night. Consul 50 is an element characterized by:

- resistance to mechanical damage
- quick and easy installation

- in car parks
- for pedestrian crossings
- as an island to separate traffic lanes
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The U-turn separator O3 is intended as a traffic safety element, for example at the junction of the main road and the ramp, giving the driver additional information about the intersection. Separating elements are marked with light-reflecting arrows, which ensures better visibility even in the dark.

- material: plastic
- fillable with water or sand
- RA2 class reflective arrows
- The O3 safety element can be attached to the asphalt or concrete surface with anchors

O3.500 - R = 500
O3.750 – R = 750
O3.1000 – R = 1000
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Parkng curb with flexible post 1000x200x465mm

– durable and unbreakable body and base
– 2x reflectors on flexible post
– temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
– colour: yellow base, flexible post is orange
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Lane seperator with small indicator 260x160x280 mm.

- flap-design provides effective visibility and channelizing
- bi-directional high quality strips and reflective lenses on base
- durable and unbreakable flap base
- easily exchangable flap with its spare part
- operating temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- colour: orange
- weight: 0.7kg
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