Drawing Board

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Drawing Board for children to draw with chalk.
Thanks to two different drawing surfaces, several children can use the board at the same time.

- the structure of the device is made of a closed profile 70x70x3m
- the steel structure is protected against corrosion and painted with acrylic structural varnish
- the surface of the board is painted with waterproof plywood, 21 mm thick
- the set includes B30 concrete foundations that facilitate assembly

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Concrete Tennis/Ping Pong Table - In-Ground Mount

- product dimensions: ( length x width x height) 2,74 x 1,52 x 0,90 m
- game area: ( length x width) 8,74 x 5,52 m
- polished and enamel top made of high quality concrete with decorative aggregate
- the top of the table protected by aluminum edge trims
- center and side lines marked on the top of the table
- 5 mm steel net
- all steel components protected against corrosion (hot dip galvanized)
- the table is certified to European standard PN-EN 14468-1:2007
- includes foundations made of concrete class C25/30
- weight: 692kg

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SKU: 3200 ,   Delivery time: 2 kuud
Xylophone - outdoor musical instrument for kids

- product dimensions: (length x width x height) 1,12 x 0,49 x 1,00 m
- outdoor musical instrument for kids
- the construction made of a stainless steel profile 100x100x2mm
- surface elements made of stainless steel
- the set includes a foundation made of concrete of class C25/30 which make installation easier

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SKU: 5060 ,   Delivery time: 2 kuud
Spring Maze Ball Game - UFO is a fun and interactive game for a small group of children to guide the ball through the maze.
Featuring a shatterproof dome, the maze has four handles for children to use.

- dimensions of the device (length x width x height): 0.94 x 0.94 x 0.86 m
- the construction is made of steel and 19 mm thick HDPE polyethylene sheet
- polycarbonate dome
- the steel structure is protected against corrosion and painted with acrylic varnish
- the set includes a concrete B30 foundation, which facilitates assembly
- 40kg (device) + 100kg (concrete foundation)

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SKU: 23010 ,   Delivery time: 2 kuud
Multi game table, standard

- product dimensions: (length x width x height) 210 x 187 x 75 cm
- dimensions of the table top: 210 x 90 cm
- Table top height: 74.7 cm
-table top thickness: 7.2 cm
- seat height: 49.7cm
- weight: 950 kg
- number of seats: 2
- Seat material: concrete

Also available is an anthracite colored concrete game table. Ask for an offer!
Concrete table football

This concrete foosball table is molded from a single piece of concrete. Sprayed with two-component anthracite lacquer, the table is beautiful and will withstand all weather conditions and is always ready to play. The rotating rods, gates and axis are made of high quality stainless steel. The scoreboard is made of nylon, as are the balls and posts. This game comes standard with 11 white and 11 black pieces with numbers on the back. Figures are attached with A4 quality stainless steel nuts and bolts. The figures are made of one piece of plastic. On request, figures and scoreboards can be supplied in red, blue, green and yellow. Each table comes with 6 standard white balls.

- product dimensions: (length x width x height) 137 x 134 x 95 cm
- weight: 700 kg
- dimensions of the table top: 137 x 84 cm
Round concrete table tennis table

The round table tennis table is 260 cm (102.36 inches) in diameter and made of concrete.
Perfect for playing with a large group at the same time and having fun.

A great addition to a school yard, playground or sports field. In short, a solid and strong table that you will enjoy for many years.
Available in different colors: green, blue and different variations of concrete color. Ask for an offer!

- product dimensions: ø 260 cm
- weight: 15700kg
- table height: 76cm
-tabletop thickness: 8.4 cm
- net height 14.75 cm