Flashing arrow, 15 elements (200mm) and 2 strobo (335mm)

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Directional light device for fixing to the vehicle in a fixed position.

- LED 15x Ø200mm EN12352 light class L8H
- 3 flashing modes (right, left arrow, X)
- aluminum frame
- dimensions: L110, W110, H25 cm
- 12 / 24V
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The FL-8 traffic advisor is ideally suited for installation on privileged vehicles as well as road service vehicles.
8 led modules, each 3 LEDs, amber
length: 96cm
height: 5,2cm
thick: 3,5cm
traffic advisor flash on one way
E20 R10
voltage: 12/24V
in set: switch, screws and wires
Traffic advisor can be mounted at 1,5m from the ground
Traffic advisor should be mounted rearward facing
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- 4x 1W LED x 7 modules, a total of 28 LEDs
- yellow light
- 18 flashing modes
- voltage: 12-24V
- 28W
- IP 65
- comes with a remote control
- Dimensions: 80 x 4.5 x 6.5cm
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8 MO102 lamps with a diameter of 10 cm, each lamp has 18 LEDs with a power of 1400 cd
the arrow can be permanently mounted to the rear of the vehicle using rubber pads or on magnets
dimensions: 60x60
12V power supply for the battery car
included two small round switches on the function on / off and day/night mode
The 60x10x8 arrow can be permanently mounted to the rear of the vehicle using rubber pads or magnets
- Dimensions: 60x60
- 12V power supply for car battery.
- Cable control
The light warning and signaling device has all the certificates in the field of:
- light - Class L2H
- effective time - Class O1
- continuity of the light emitted - Class F3
EN12352 L2H certificate
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LED Light Arrow Type LP 8
8 Multi-Light 200 LED lamps 220 mm, mounted on an aluminum frame with the slip-on device and 3 m connecting cable with battery clip
Bracket for mounting
Voltage: 12/24V
Dimensions: 1130 x 900 x 165 mm
Weight: 13 kg
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15 pcs of MO102 lamps with 18 leds, diamterer 10cm, L2H class
1400cd each lamp
Arrow can be permanently mounted to the rear of the vehicle using rubber pads or magnetic holders
Dimensions: 60x60 cm
12V - Power supply for car battery
Cable control
switch box in set
warranty: 24 months!
flash mode: arrow left, arrow right, cross
powder coated sheet
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The L15 arrow is made of 15 lamps with a lampshade diameter of Ø200mm
Power supply: 12V / 24V
Active diffuser diameter: ϕ 200 mm
Color of the lampshade: orange
Light source: LED insert with increased luminous intensity with a special optical system meeting the parameters of the L8H lamp class (luminous intensity 2000 cd) according to the PN.EN 12352: 2010 standard
Average daily current consumption of one lamp: 0.4A (12V) or 0.2A (24V)
Lamp lighting type: pulsating light
Display modes: left arrow, right arrow, cross, zero
Battery discharge indication: acoustic and optical signal
Twilight light intensity adjustment: day 100% / night 50%
Dimensions: 1060x1060 [mm], 15kg
Construction: steel, galvanized
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1360,00 €