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Foot cone 30cm, PVC

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6,50 €
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Base: 200x200mm
Height: 300mm
Weight 0.8kg
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Base: 400x400mm
Height: 500mm
Orange with white stripes with glass beads
Weight 1.25 kg
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Plastic sign for the flexible post.
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Cone is signaling and beaconing, ideal for defining streets, roads, private spaces, industrial spaces, etc.
24.5 x 24.5 cm plastic base.
Orange canvas cone 41 cm high, with a 10 cm gray reflective band.
It can be folded to a size of 24.5 x 24.5 x 5 cm.
Recommended for storage in confined spaces (car boot, trucks, offices, warehouses).
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Traffic cone with hole for chain or barrier tape, H600, base 370x370mm

- material: PPC
- 2x4 pcs. cat eyes lenses
- integral carrying handle and chain hole
- lamp and signboard and chain can be attachable by cone adaptor
- broad angled base provide wind resistance and stability
- better visibility and long life color fading with UV protected bright colour
- wide range of use: all warning-working zone and being managed dense traffic flow; including roads, construction areas, residential areas, parking lots and etc.
- weight: 1,35kg
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Base: 200x200mm
Height: 500mm
Weight 2 kg
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