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Grill lamp Light Pad 4xLED, amber

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Size: 100x32x20mm
Voltage: 12-24V
amber 4xLED
18 flashing patterns
ECE R65, ECE R10
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super slim: 10mm
12xPowerLED, amber
new generation Xtreme optics: wide-angle visual and classic aesthetics, clear lens
16 flash patterns w. nonvolatile memory
multi-units synchronization in a simultaneous or alternating flash
weatherproof and vibration resistant
aluminum base for efficient heat dissipation, reverse polarity protection, black flange
IPX8, ECE R10, ECE R65 (XA1, XB1), ECE R65 (XA2, XB2) SAE J595 Class1, CA13 Class B (R/A/B)
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. LED Power: 24pcs*2W OSRAM, amber
. Voltage: 12-24Volt DC
. Waterproof: IP67
. Certificate: ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
. SAE J595 CLASS1 Double Flash
. Material: PC lens, aluminum base with 3M sticker
. Flashing: 19 patterns, single, double, alternate flash...
. Function: With memory, Flashing at the same time, Flashing alone
. Five wires: Red-Positive, Black-Negative, Yellow-Switch, White-Input, Gray-Output
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amber beacon, clear glass, super bright LEDs: 3x1W, 12 flash patterns
non volatile last pattern memory, several flashers can be synchronized together, hood mounting: bracket included
IP67, ECE-R65 Class 1. reverse polarity protection, weatherproof, vibration resistant, aluminium base for good heat dissipation
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The OPTIBEAM FLEX LM6 warning light offers completely new possibilities in terms of installation location. The light, which can be installed on surfaces curved up to 120 degrees, can be installed, for example, on the support leg of a crane, on the corners of a vehicle, or on other surfaces where a light with a straight and rigid body could not be used before. The design is aerodynamic and takes into account today's demands in terms of functions and attachments, including interference protection CISPR CLASS 3 (no radio interference) and ECE R65 class 2 (allowed in traffic both day and night), as well as IP67 protection class against water and dust. In addition, the FLEX LM6 has dual memory with separate wiring to quickly switch between steady light and warning light modes.

- Dimensions: 126.8 x 30.2 x 10.7 mm
- Bends up to 120° to fit a curved mounting surface.
- made of Dow Silastic silicone
- aerodynamic: minimal wind resistance
- screw fastening with glue, screw covers
- white glass.
- 6 High-Power LEDs
- 20 flashing modes, double memory, synchronisable: up to 20 lights
- short circuit protection, weatherproof, vibration resistant.
- working temperature: -40° ... +65°C
- Certificates: ECE R65 Class 2, ECE 10, SAE J595 Cl.1, SAE J845 Cl.1, CISPR25 Cl.3, CA13
- Cable length: 300 mm
- Voltage: 12/24V
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81,15 €