Grill lamp Light Pad 4xLED, amber

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Size: 100x32x20mm
Voltage: 12-24V
amber 4xLED
18 flashing patterns
ECE R65, ECE R10
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20x 0.25W LED
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Amber warning lamp with amber Halo-ring
warning light 6LED, Halo-ring 18LED
14 flashing options, several flashers can be synchronized together
Screws: 120mm
Approval: SAE J595 Class1 (A/B/R/W); SAE J592 (A/R); SAE J2042 (A/R); CA Title13 (A/B/R); ECE R7 (R/W); ECE R10; ECE R65 (XA1, XB1); ECE R91 (A)
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6xEffectLEDs, amber beacon
clear glass
16 different flashing alternatives
the included brackets allow installation, for example, on the side mirror
screw distance 86mm
SAE / Title XIII / ECE R65 Class1 (XA1) / ECE R10 / e13
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LW0043 has features such as:
1 warning flash, two level of intensity, day and night
LEDs 10 W
according to standards such as ECE R10, ECE R65.
voltage is 12 V/24 V
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. LED Power: 18pcs*2W OSRAM
. Voltage: 12-24Volt DC
. Waterproof: IP67
. Certificate: ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
. SAE J595 CLASS1 Double Flash
. Material: PC lens, aluminum base with 3M sticker
. Flashing: 19 patterns, single, double, alternate flash...
. Function: With memory, Flashing at the same time, Flashing alone
. Five wires: Red-Positive, Black-Negative, Yellow-Switch, White-Input, Gray-Output
. dimensions: 130x50x10mm
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