Grill lamp XT12 Xtreme Thin Module (M57) - Amber

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super slim: 10mm
12xPowerLED, amber
new generation Xtreme optics: wide-angle visual and classic aesthetics, clear lens
16 flash patterns w. nonvolatile memory
multi-units synchronization in a simultaneous or alternating flash
weatherproof and vibration resistant
aluminum base for efficient heat dissipation, reverse polarity protection, black flange
IPX8, ECE R10, ECE R65 (XA1, XB1), ECE R65 (XA2, XB2) SAE J595 Class1, CA13 Class B (R/A/B)
surface mount, screw dimension 120mm
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LED DELTA grill lights are directional warning lamps, being an additional equipment for special vehicles.
length: 9,1cm
height: 2,8cm
width: 0,77 cm
voltage: 12/24V
Easy assembly (using the included screws)
LED colour: amber
Approval E20 R10, E9 R65
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20x 0.25W LED
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Super thin 9mm
horizontal mount
amber leds (6)
transparent lens
23 different flashing alternatives with non-volatile memory function
max 15 flashers can be synchronized for simultaneous or alternating flash
solid aluminum housing: efficient heat dissipation and maximum durability
easy to install
self-contained: no external flasher
reverse polarity protection
max current: 1A@12VDC / 0,5A@24VDC
screw distance 102mm, weatherproof and vibration resistant design for external and internal use
ECE R65 (XA2); ECE R10; SAE J595 Class 1; CISPR 25 Class 2
IPX7, 0.5mm²
cables: 250mm
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Amber beacon, clear glass, 3 EffectLEDs, 5 different flashing alternatives, several flashers can be synchronized together, surface mounting
ECE R-65, IP67. screws 77mm apart
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54,20 €
Mõõtmed: 86x28x9mm
Pinge: 12-24V
3x LED, red
clear lens
12 flashing options, non-volatile memory for a last used pattern
aluminum base: good heat dissipation, waterproof, vibration-resistant
several flashers can be synchronized together
ECE R65, SAE J595 Class1, CA13 class B
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voltage is 12V/24V
4x LEDs 12 W
4 warning flashes
wire: 150 mm
dimensions: 101x31x17mm
according to standards such as ECE R10, ECE R65
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