Hoop protection guard Ø90

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Steel hoop protection guard helps effectively protect machines, inventory or buildings.

– steel tube Ø90 mm
– base plate thickness 8 mm
– height: 600, 1200 mm
– width: 600, 12000 mm
– yellow powder-coated layer with black reflective stripes
– for indoor use
– for outdoor use we recommend the galvanised variation, please contact us for more information.


* Height (mm)

* Lenght (mm)

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Pipe guards with additional protection plate effectively protect machines, walls and shelves from running out. An additional protection plate provides protection against the forks.

Standard selection:
- metal pipe Ø90 mm
- the thickness of the base is 8 mm
- height: 600, 1200 mm
- width: 600, 1200, 2400 mm
- finish: powder paint yellow RAL1003 (+ reflective stickers class RA1)

If you want other sizes or colors, write to us at!
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