OCTAGON II warning LED amber R10 R65 XA2

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Dimensions: ø150x75mm
Voltage: 12-24V
Description: Yellow, magnetic mount, cigarette lighter with mode selection
Description: ECE-R65 / -R10
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Dimensions: ø142x80mm
Voltage: 12-24V
Description: Yellow, Magnetic Mount, 8 Power LEDs, 11 Flashing Modes, SIG Ignition Plug, Low Profile
Description: ECE-R65 / -R10, height 80mm
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height: 7cm, diameter: 16cm
Available magnetic holder (max.280km/h)
power to the cigarette or directly to the vehicle installation
light source: 24x3W LEDs
Warranty: 48 months!
colors of lens: transparent (transparent)
LED color: amber
voltage: 12 / 24V
E9 R65, E20 R10
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Warning Light Baquda, magnetic, blue.

Led Baquda is a single beacon that allows additional lighting of vehicles while working on the road.

- the lamp is available in magnetic fixed. Max. 280km/h
- light source: 24 LEDs
- dimensions of the lamp height: 7cm, diameter: 16cm
- LED color: blue
- voltage: 12/24
- class: 2
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Description: ECE-R65 / -R10
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LED: 0,5W x64pcs, yellow, yellow glass
Dimensions: 111,4x111,4x53,8mm
Voltage: 10-30 VDC
Flashing patterns: 10
3-meter power cord, cigarette lighter plug
Fasteners: magnet
ECE R65 Class 2, R10, SAE J845 Class 1
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