Panel fence set: 10xpanel fence, 11xbase plate 1xstorage pallet

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In the set:
10x plastic fence 2000x1000mm, RA1 red-yellow reflective film
11x foot 30kg
1x garden transport stand
1x foot transport stand
2x fastening strap
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Extending barrier garden up to 4 m
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- a road barrier filled with water or sand, which is an ideal traffic diverter on streets and highways
- reflective stickers class RA2
- a traffic control device approved by the highway authority
- material: weather-, corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene
- dimensions: L1500mm x H800mm
- weight 17 kg, filled up to 80 kg
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UV and collision resistant temporary fence from plastic
dimensions: 2000x1000mm
Weight 14.5 kg

It is also possible to order additional lamp adapters (extra fee +15€)
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MegaMAX Post with chain lead-through
4 reflective tapes RA2
height 120 cm,
foot: Ø 40 cm
post Ø 11 cm
empty weight 4 kg
Foots can be filled with 8-10 kg sand
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Panel fence 2100x1100 mm, yellow-red RA1 stickers

5 mounting posts for hazard lights
barriers can be linked up to any length (with a special durable clip)
steel reinforcements on the sides
easy assembly and disassembly with standard road or construction sign bases
high-quality virgin HDPE - for improved durability and weather resistance
certificate of conformity with TL-Absperrschranken 97 - highest quality and safety
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In the set:
20x plastic fence 2000x1000mm, RA1 red-yellow reflective film
21x foot 30kg
1x storage and transport tie-bar for fences
1x Storage and transport tie-bar for feet
SKU: 33420K-SET2 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
3854,20 €