Plastic cap 40x40 mm, black Zoom

Plastic cap 40x40 mm, black

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Plastic cap for tube 40x40 mm
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Short T-piece - 40 mm. Forms a perpendicular connection between two tubes. Upper fitting for straight, horizontal railing supports. This fitting can not be used for horizontal tube connections in the fitting itself.
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Angle of continuous upright - 40 mm. Corner connection (90°), where the vertical tube runs through the clamp.
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S- hook for attaching rubber bands.

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Piduriga ratas on mõeldud kärude, mobiilsete esemete ja muude toodete valmistamiseks. Sobib torudele läbimõõduga 33,7 mm / 42,4 mm / 48,3 mm. Ratta kinnitamisel
tuleb alati kasutada ekspanderit.
Maksimaalne kandevõime ratta kohta: 100 kg
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