Plastic chain yellow-black 9mm, lenght 25m

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Plastic chain
- lenght 25m
- color: black yellow
- chain link: Ø9 mm, 55mm, 32mm
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Plastic sign for flex post
- Ø380 mm
- weight: 0,47 kg
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Chain Post Set:
6 posts, yellow with black reflective stripes
5x3m yellow-black chain
10 universal hooks

No need to fill with sand or water.
Post: 63x1000 mm
Weight: 4,2 kg

Weight of set: 30 kg
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3 fixing holes
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Flexible post Ø80mm H450mm, orange. The rubber post can be temporarily removed.

- material: PP
- 2 reflective sticker
- the base of the post is glued to the surface and the post is screwed to the base
- operating temperature: -20°C/ +60°C
- weight: 1,1kg
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Flex City-Bollard Kapa.
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- colour: grey
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- weight: 1,35kg
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"Driving ban" prohibits all vehicle traffic.

Size: Ø370mm

Choice of RA1 and Ra2 light class stickers (RA2 is a sticker with 3x better reflectivity than RA1. When making a choice, we recommend considering how far you want this sign to be visible).
Suitable for sticking on a plastic sign (Plastic sign, round Ø380 mm, product code 13196Y)
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