Plastic traffic sign, triangle 440x440x440 mm

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Plastic sign for the flexible post.
- size: 440x440x440 mm
- weight: 0,36 kg
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Adapter for flex post Ø80 mm, to attach chain ring or plastic sign.
size:: Ø93 mm x (H) 82 mm
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"Road works" warns of work being done on, next to, under or on the road. In addition to the people working on the road, there may be road construction vehicles and other obstacles, unevenness of the roadway, loose stones and the like.

Size: 360*360*360mm

Choice of RA1 and Ra2 light class stickers (RA2 is a sticker with 3x better reflectivity than RA1. When making a choice, we recommend considering how far you want this sign to be visible).
Suitable for sticking on a plastic sign.
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Chain Post Set:
6 posts
5x3m plastic chain (red-white)
10 universal hooks

No water or sand filling.
Heavy foot with anti-slip element ensures stability and avoids scratches in flooring.
post: 63x1000 mm
weight: 4,2 kg

Set weight: 30 kg

Color: red-white
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