Rechargeable low profile beacon light with buzzer Zoom

Rechargeable low profile beacon light with buzzer

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LED: 40 x SMD1835
Voltage: 5V DC, USB charger
LED color: amber
Buzzer: 93 dB
Flashing patterns: single flash, double flashes
Charging time: 2 h
Operating time: 4-5 h
Material: ABS & PC
Mounting: magnet
Operation temperature: -30º ... 50ºC
Waterproof: IP65
ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
Dimensions: Ø112 x H79mm
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superslim 10mm
6xLED, amber
16 different flashing alternatives with memory function
several flashers can be synchronized together
easy to install
ECE R65 (XA1), ECE R10-05 (EMC)
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Dimensions: 235x40mm
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- 4x 1W LED x 10 modules, a total of 40 LEDs
- yellow light
- 20 flashing modes
- voltage: 12-24V
- 40W
- IP 65
- comes with a remote control
- Dimensions: 111cm x 4.5cm x 6.5cm
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LED Colors: orange and yellow
Light source: 16 LED elements in one disc
Number of modes: 9 options
Dimensions of the single sign: 106 x 34 mm
Weight: single mark 200g
Battery: Li-ion 3.7 V 700 mAh
Charging: cigarette lighter plug & USB
Charging time: 2-3h
Visibility: 800 to 1500 m
The strong magnetic mount allows the product to be mounted on vehicles or other metal objects.
The product is shockproof and waterproof (up to 10m) and floats on water! In addition, a single road sign can withstand a weight of up to 20 tons!
SKU: 34216913194 ,   Qty: In Stock
19,00 €
24 x 3W LED
Flashing modes 2
Voltage 12 / 24V
Dimensions: diameter 16 cm and height 7 cm
The maximum travel speed with magnetic mounting is 280 km / h
Power supply from the cigarette lighter or directly to the vehicle's electrical system
E9 R65 class 2, E20 R10
SKU: 34216913197K ,   Qty: In Stock
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8 MO102 lamps with a diameter of 10 cm, each lamp has 18 LEDs with a power of 1400 cd
the arrow can be permanently mounted to the rear of the vehicle using rubber pads or on magnets
dimensions: 60x60
12V power supply for the battery car
included two small round switches on the function on / off and day/night mode
The 60x10x8 arrow can be permanently mounted to the rear of the vehicle using rubber pads or magnets
- Dimensions: 60x60
- 12V power supply for car battery.
- Cable control
The light warning and signaling device has all the certificates in the field of:
- light - Class L2H
- effective time - Class O1
- continuity of the light emitted - Class F3
EN12352 L2H certificate
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585,00 €