Round container for sand and salt

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The containers are designed for the storage of sand, salt, as well as other agents such as sorbent. The construction of the container is strong and stiff.
Sand and salt containers are made of high-quality polyethylene, which makes them resistant to weather conditions - they do not change color under the influence of sunlight, do not corrode, do not break and are light.
Equipped with a hole for closing with padlock
Suitable for transport by forklift

The containers are available in three colors: yellow, blue and green.

Volume - weight
70L - 9 kg
150L - 12 kg
250L - 18 kg
400L - 25 kg


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A container for storing sand or salt. The containers are made of high-quality polyethylene, which makes them resistant to the weather. Thanks to this, they last for many years.
The containers can be closed using a locking system (purchased as an accessory).

volume - load capacity - weight
70L - 100 kg - 6 kg
150L - 215kg - 11 kg
250L - 360kg - 18 kg

Color choice: green, yellow, blue.
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