Signs 688 "Threshold"

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The signs 688 "Threshold" indicate the threshold and its width. Belts fall towards the roadway. There may be no signs on roads where the speed limit is 30km/h or less.
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Rubber speed bump is wear-resistant and durable
Maximum recommended crossing speed 20 km / h
Installation: on asphalt or concrete, not suitable for gravel roads

Element dimensions:
End 215x430x50mm
middle 500x430x50 mm

Installation accessories not included:
Product code: 13159FP
SKU: KY50.
From 190,00 €
500x400xH50 mm
PVC material
4 mounting holes
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PVC material
2 mounting holes
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Cable threshold with 2-channel can withstand the load of a laden truck.

Material: EPDM rubber
Dimension: 500х300х55,6mm
Colour: black
Hole diameter - 29 mm
Weight: 5,5 kg
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High quality seal / sill under the garage door.
The seal is designed to prevent water, dirt and grime from entering the garage when the garage door is open.
The threshold can also be used to divert weather water on slopes, driveways, etc.
The product is made of strong, durable and completely weather-resistant synthetic rubber - EPDM, does not lose elasticity or age.
Suffers from driving over vehicles and does not damage tires.
The elasticity of the material ensures a more comfortable crossing.

- material: EPDM rubber
- dimensions: 1000 х 78 х 14mm
- color: black

Sales unit: linm
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The Zebra Threshold is an innovative product to calm traffic for scooters and bicycles in places where the bike path crosses the road.

Dimensions: 1205x520x26
Color: black, yellow
Material: rubber
Construction: integrated overflow, chamfered crossbars

Bicycle friendly
Deep yellow rubber with visible transverse stripes
Installation by connecting to the ground
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