Skipper Q Purple Unicart - includes 8 Skipper Q post & base units

Unit: pc
Skipper trolleys are new and innovative transport systems that allow you to easily transport Skipper products between different locations. The cart is easy to maneuver thanks to the large, ergonomic handle, and the cart has independent brakes and suspension on the rear wheels.
The suspension adds a lot to the handling of the cart and helps to dampen the noise that can occur when the cart passes through different surface covering materials. The trolley is perfect for use in office spaces, hotels and construction sites - it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions.
There are special bases inside the cart that help safely transport the stored items.

Trolley dimensions: 1144.6x705x1586.3mm
Weight: Cart weight 26kg
Color of details: purple
In the set: trolley + 8 Skipper Q fence posts.
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- 4x post
- 4x post base (filled with sand or water) weighing up to 12 kg in total
- 4x Skipper tape 9m

A total of 36 meters of boundaries !!!
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Skipper's restraint system makes it easy to make your work environment safer and more secure. The tape can be used to quickly separate zones, set up a safe sidewalk or make traffic safer. The tape with the automatic rewind system is 9 m long, which makes it one of the most cost-effective fencing systems! The boundary tape fits on the Skipper post, on the safety cone as well as on the wall.

Body: orange
Ribbon: red-white
Tape length: 9 meters
Tape width: 48 mm
Overall dimensions: height 240 mm Ø145 mm
Weight: 0.8 kg
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Skipper bottle holder, suitable for attaching desiccant, soap or cream bottles to both the wall and the post.
The holder holds a bottle with a diameter of 75 mm.
The bottle is not included.
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The kit consists of:

1x post, 1x base
1x post collar
1x Skipper with webbing
1x sign holder
1x hand sanitiser bracket
2x recycle bins
2x safety dispensers
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Post height 1000 mm
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