Skipper Safety & Hygiene Station

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The kit consists of:

1x post, 1x base
1x post collar
1x Skipper with webbing
1x sign holder
1x hand sanitiser bracket
2x recycle bins
2x safety dispensers
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Skipper XS on praktiline piirdesüsteem siseruumides, sobib hästi ladudes, tootmises ja asutustes alade piiramiseks. Mitmekülgsed kinnitused võimaldavad Skipper XS linti kinnitada praktiliselt igale poole, nii seinale, riiulile, postile, peeglile.
Kinnitused ei kuulu komplekti.

Skipper XS lindi pikkus on 9 meetrit!
Mõõdud: Ø145x126 mm
Kaal: 0,7 kg
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Skipperi topsikus on hea hoiustada isikukaitsevahendeid, nagu näiteks kõrvatroppe, kindaid, kaitseprille, juuksevõrke, kilesusse ja palju muudki.

Topsiku mõõdud:
läbimõõt: 230 mm
sügavus: 255 mm

Värvus: kollane
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Free Standing Wipe Station with Integrated Bin. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your interior. An excellent customer care product with great added value for your customer at very little cost. The Wipe dispenser can be used to hold a range of wipes such as degreasing wipes, antibacterial wet wipes and dry wipes. Suitable For: Supermarkets, Forecourts, Gyms, Schools, Factory Production, Catering, Offices etc.

Dispenser: 32cm (diameter) x 122cm
Weighted Base -7,5 kg concrete
Unique patented design
Inner Bin Capacity: 25 ltrs
Material: Polyethylene
Colour(s) Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Stone, Yellow.
Weight: 12 kg

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Skipperi piirdelindi posti koos täidetava alusega
Alus liiva või veega täidetav, kaal kokku kuni 12 kg
Posti kõrgus 1000 mm
Värv: post kollane, alus must
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Kollane piirdepost topelt 2.3m kollase-musta lindiga

- post H1000 mm, D83 mm
- topelt lint 2.3 m, laius 50 mm
- alus D355 mm, kaal 9 kg
- posti+aluse kaal 12 kg

Sobib kasutamiseks välistingimustesse
SKU: VIACS2x23KM ,   Qty: Out of Stock
251,20 €
Retractable tape for people queue management. Coil to be fixed to the wall. The tape is extended and spliced with other posts, to set up the queue of people. It has 2 connections that allow you to connect tapes from other posts. A versatile system that allows you to manage queues of people quickly and efficiently.

63mm diameter stainless steel tube.
Retractable tape 3 m long and red.
Includes spare part to connect tapes from other posts.
0.4mm tape thickness.
Plate system with 4 holes to fix the structure to the wall. Dowels and screws are included.
Dimensions: 110 x 140 x 89 mm (width x height x depth).
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