Skipper Safety & Hygiene Station

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The kit consists of:

1x post, 1x base
1x post collar
1x Skipper with webbing
1x sign holder
1x hand sanitiser bracket
2x recycle bins
2x safety dispensers
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Skipper XS is a practical indoor fencing system, well suited for fencing areas in warehouses, production and institutions. Versatile fastenings allow Skipper XS tape to be attached to virtually any side, be it wall, shelf, post, mirror.
Fasteners are not included.

The length of the Skipper XS tape is 9 meters!
Dimensions: Ø145x126 mm
Weight: 0.7 kg
SKU: XS01-OBY ,   Qty: In Stock
74,00 €
Rubber cord fastening for attaching the Skipper XS tape system to a post, scaffolding, shelf and tree.
Skipper XS is a very practical fencing system indoors and in warehouses.
SKU: CORD02 ,   Qty: In Stock
32,00 €
Magnetic mount for Skipper XS system. Ideal for temporarily attaching a barrier tape to a van, forklift or trailer.
The bracket has mounting holes that allow it to be screwed to the wall if necessary.
SKU: M/RECEIVER01 ,   Qty: In Stock
17,00 €
Attaches to Skipper post & jaland, which in turn allows you to attach to the post:
Skipper topsik
Skipper trash bag holder
Skipper disinfection gel bottle holder
SKU: POST04 ,   Qty: In Stock
17,00 €
Airport Guidance System

- Yellow powder coat finish with zinc undercoat for extra weather protection
BS08E51 Gloss (closest RAL is 1004).
- Webbing can be extended to any length up to 23 metres according to
individual requirements & is anti-static, allowing the system to be used
near the fuelling zone of the plane.
- Robust hand wound mechanism to retract webbing, with locking spools
to tension webbing barrier.
- Compact, easy to move unit with robust, all-weather steel frame.
- 2x23m yellow-black reflective webbing
- weight 30 kg
SKU: TENAPGCART201 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
1415,00 €
Boundary tape for managing the queue of people, with wall attachment.

Wall-mounted separation tape with a spring that automatically retracts into the housing. The counter attachment for the tape is included in the set. The tape can also be attached to the fence post.
Length: 4600 mm
Height: 145 mm
Frame material: Metal
Ribbon color: Black
Wall mount color: Black
Recommended number of fitters: 1
Expected time for product handling/ fitter: 5 min
Weight: 0.6 kg
Assembly: Supplied as parts
SKU: 34216913345 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
95,00 €