Skipper Safety Dispenser, orange

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The Skipper garbage bag holder is durable and versatile. Unused personal protective equipment, waste and other rubbish can be thrown in the garbage bags.

Color: orange
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Rubber cord fastening for attaching the Skipper XS tape system to a post, scaffolding, shelf and tree.
Skipper XS is a very practical fencing system indoors and in warehouses.
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Rechargeable LED lamp attached to the Skipper tape system.
Twilight sensor and manual on / off functions.
Average battery life: 25 hours continuous, 57 hours flashing
Powered by AA rechargeable batteries
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- 4x Skipper tape (9m)
- 4x cone with rubber base H750

A total of 36 meters of boundaries !!!
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Attaches to Skipper's post
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Skipper border tape post with refillable base
Base filled with sand or water, total weight up to 12 kg
Post height 1000 mm
Color: post yellow, base black
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Skipper XS is a practical indoor fencing system, well suited for fencing areas in warehouses, production and institutions. Versatile fastenings allow Skipper XS tape to be attached to virtually any side, be it wall, shelf, post, mirror.
Fasteners are not included.

The length of the Skipper XS tape is 9 meters!
Dimensions: Ø145x126 mm
Weight: 0.7 kg
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74,00 €