Stainless steel corner protector 40x40mm L=1000mm

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The stainless steel corner guard provides protection against damage and dirt caused by the trolleys.
Suitable for public places such as kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, offices, schools, etc.

- dimensions: 40x40mm, length 1000mm, thickness 1mm
- two fastening options: with double-sided tape or glue
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Self-adhesive warning guard for corner protection
Dimensions: 75x75x15 H400mm
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Corner protection
- 270° reflective type RA2
- length: 90 cm, side length: 9,5 cm
- thickness: 3,5 cm
- material: PPC/PVC
- colour: yellow-black
- weight: 1,8 kg
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Durable plastic wall protection is a good solution for protecting walls in places where, in addition to their protective properties, a clean and nice appearance is also important. Suitable for warehouses, corridors, garages, cold rooms.
Easy to maintain and clean.
Pedestrian boundaries are intended to be separated and protected in areas where heavy loads are handled. The height of the barrier provides optimal protection for pedestrians.

- material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
- color: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
- dimensions: (P) 4000 (K) 150 mm
- environment: −10 ºC to 60 ºC

Sales unit: 4 meters
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Self-adhesive, made from soft polyurethane foam warning protection
Dimensions: 60x10mm 5m
Color: yellow-black
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A wall plate made of high-quality material effectively protects walls in places where there is a high risk of damage or damage to the wall, mainly by pedestrians or equipment in use, such as passing hospital trolleys. The wall protector does not get dirty easily and is easy to clean.
A wide range of colors allows you to match with other interior elements (see the color range under the product files).

- material: PVC enriched with acrylic
- dimensions: 3000 x 1250mm, thickness 2 mm
- wide range of colors
- antibacterial
- fire safety with certificate
- with PZH certificate (PZH certificate proves that this product is safe for health and the environment.)
- easy to clean
- durable
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The flat corner guard is the most popular version of the corner guard. The construction is based on a fixed 90 degree angle. Thanks to the uniform 2mm thick flat structure, the wall protector does not stand out too much from the wall and discreetly protects the wall edge from damage. The combination of PVC and acrylic material together with the special texture of the surface given in the production process of the product makes the product mechanically resistant to cracks, breaks and scratches.

- Available in widths: 65 mm x 65 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm, 30 mm x 30 mm, 25 mm x 50 mm
Available lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m.
- Combination of PVC and acrylic material
- wide range of colors
- textured surface finish
- mounting method: mounting adhesive or self-adhesive tape
- fire safety with certificate
- easy to clean
- scratch resistant
- impact resistant
- UV safe
- antibacterial
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