Stainless steel traffic mirror

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The square traffic mirror has a convex mirror surface with a field of view of 90 degrees.
The frame is made of weatherproof plastic and the mirror surface is made of stainless steel.
The mirror is attached to a tube with a diameter of 60 mm (attachments included)

– Stainless steel lenses perfectly polished, virtually unbreakable
– Frame and back in ABS Plastic, shockproof and UV resistant
– ABS plastic frame provided with red reflective stickers
– Easy to be cleaned, require minimal to no maintenance
– Rectangular mirrors provide a wider field of view

Size and weight:
- 45x60 cm - 11 kg
- 60x80 cm - 15 kg
Frame - white plastic with red reflective stickers
Mirror surface: stainless steel


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The unique features of this mirror:
- Hardly freezes anymore, so no expensive heating elements needed
- No expensive power installation required, so it can be placed flexibly
- Stainless steel mirror with super sharp image
- Maintenance free
- Size 60x80 cm
- Clear impact-resistant stainless steel
- Incl. mounting bracket 76 mm
- Incl. reflective red/white 3M foil
- User distance 0 - 20 meters
- Weight 15 kg
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Circular traffic safety mirror is ideal for providing visibility for vehicles in busy car parks and areas where vision is limited. Assists with driver's blind spots and helps reduce collisions at junctions.
Mirror can be placed on pole with a minimum diameter of 60 mm (fixings included)
Color - white housing, white-red mirror frame
Material - convex pane made of aluminium acrylic

Size and weight:
- diameter φ 60 cm - 3.7 kg
- diameter φ 80 cm - 6 kg
- diameter φ 100 cm - 10 kg
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Convex mirror for security signs of 80 cm in diameter.
Resistant to vandalism Made of ABS plastic (structure), polycarbonate (convex mirror) and metal (support).
Specially designed to be installed outdoors. Resistto the inclemencies of time.
Easy installation. Metal fittings are supplied for fixing and orienting the mirror. Fixation to tube (column) diameter 77-87 mm.
Color of ABS plastic structure: orange.
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The traffic mirror with a wide field of view ensures even better visibility than traditional traffic mirrors.

- 3-way field of view up to 180°
- vision range 8m
- the set includes mounting accessories for mounting on the wall and post Ø34-90mm
- made of P.A.S material - unbreakable, high-quality, clear and sharp image, with anti-static and anti-scratch coating
- plastic frame - red-white, covered with a UV protection layer
- can be installed horizontally or vertically
- dimensions: 800x400x300mm
- weight 7 kg
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Industrial and warehouse safety mirror Ø800 mm. Wide range of use: on parking lots, subway entrances-exits, street corners and all blind points.

- easy installation. Aluminium fittings are supplied for fixing and orienting the mirror. Fixation to tube (column) diameter Ø50-75 mm.
- 2mm thickness acrylic convex mirror and plastic cover
- color of ABS plastic structure: white/red
- 45° rotatable bracket and wide angled visibility
- durable for indoor&outdoor usage
- resistable to weather conditions, stone and vandal damages
- temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- weight: 4kg
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Wall support for convex mirror fixing.
It is a metal piece in the form of an angle, which is fixed to the wall.
It has a 75 mm diameter tube to which the convex safety mirror is fixed.
Wall separation: 130 mm.
Tube height: 83 mm.
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