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The STORR series is attractive due to its simplicity, both visually and physically
in terms of price. The table and chair from the STORR series together form a beautiful picnic set.
Thanks to the modular legs of the STORR series, the bench can be conveniently connected to the ground.
Picnic sets, trash cans and bicycle racks are also available in the same series.

Dimensions: 2300*790*750mm

The STORR series has:
• Mounting holes for surface mounting
• Warranty 5 years

Frame material:
• Corten steel 10 mm
• Galvanized steel 10 mm + 2 layers of powder paint

Seat material:
• Material: Garapa wood

Regular cleaning and oiling of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood is preserved longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning and dirt removal with clean water.

NB! Do not use a pressure washer.
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ZANO’s Mars Picnic Table is perfect for crowded public spaces. The table is suitable for 6 adults and additionally an umbrella can be inserted in the center of the table.

The table construction is made of steel and it is available in two options: stainless steel or carbon steel that can be painted with selected RAL color from out palette. Seats and the slab are made of European softwood (spruce or pine) but there is also a hardwood option available for more demanding clients (sapeli or iroko).

There are two methods of installation for the Mars table: anchoring or free-standing.
SKU: 13.500
height: 71 cm
width: 73 cm
length: 182 cm

table top: varnished softwood
table top reinforcement: varnished steel
bases: concrete

Table is installed by burrying the foundations

table top: teak, nut brown
SKU: 002303
height: 76 cm
width: 170 cm
length: 180 cm

seat: oiled exotic wood
structure: varnished steel

The table is installed by screwing it to the ground
SKU: 002204
Eat, enjoy and talk! Loop Cone is a combination of a table and 6 HopOp 500 stands. Such a combination gives the opportunity to create small, free-standing seats. It is a table and bench set where form, material and color come together to create fun furniture for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The LOOP Picnic HopOp500 is a great alternative to traditional table and bench sets.

Design: AART Designers

Rotational molded polyethylene, 6 mm thick, painted.
A single molded piece.
UV-resistant, withstands weather conditions, wear and tear.
The material is suitable for granulation and recycling.

Surface coating:
The blocks have a textured/granulated surface, thanks to which the product is not slippery.
The table has a slightly textured surface and a smooth table top.

TÜV approved as playground equipment accordingly. EN1176.

Loop Picnic consists of Loop Cone + top plate + 6 HopOp500 stands.
Loop Cone: top: Ø1130mm / bottom: Ø810mm / H700mm
HopOp500: Ø500 x H400mm / Volume: 70 liters.
Product weight: Table + 6 stools is 58kg

Loop Cone and HopOp500 can be combined with different number of HopOp. The recommended number is 6 sofas (in a set). If desired, the stands can be purchased separately.

Assembly & fixing:
The Loop Cone and HopOp500 are assembled using a single fitting (B14), which is also fixed into the ground. The mounting bracket can be hidden in the soil if desired.
The Loop Cone and HopOp500 can also be installed as separate units by filling them with water or sand.

Color choice:
The cone, table top and HopOp seats can be ordered separately for different color combinations.
The manufacturer offers a separate option to order a product made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastic
of which 85% comes from internal waste and production surplus and 15% comes from polyethylene bags.
The recycled version has an eco-label and can only be ordered in the color: Anthracite* (the color may vary slightly depending on the residues in production)

This product is resistant to most cleaning agents and chemicals and can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The color can be revived using a vinyl cleaner or similar.
SKU: 172 ,   Delivery time: 6-8 nädalat
A reinterpretation of the traditional long table and bench set. A table for sitting, eating and socializing, inspired by the long rows of tables and benches characteristic of traditional beer and harvest festivals. Easy access from 4 points, seats 4-6-8 or 10 (tables of different lengths available)

Table top and seats: Iroko wood or Hellwood
Frame/legs: Folded hot-dip galvanized steel

Available in four lengths: 1800 mm (4 people), 2400 mm (6 people), 3000 mm (8 people) and 3600 mm (10 people).

Frame and legs painted brown, red or white.
Table top: Hellwood or Iroko

Sits directly on the ground or surface mounted. Clamps must be ordered separately.

Untreated wood does not require maintenance. The sun and wind change the analog color to silver gray. Fine sandpaper + oil was used once a year to maintain the golden shine and smooth surface.
SKU: 148 ,   Delivery time: 6-8 nädalat
Round table for sitting, eating, socializing, with 4 adjustable seat sectors.. Different levels for adults, toddlers and older children. Alternatively, the bench can be used as an extended table top. Accommodates 8-12 people in style.

Frame: hot-dip galvanized steel. Table top: Iroko wood + stainless steel.

Ø1460/2300mm / H750mm

Can be fixed to the surface. Clamps must be ordered separately.

Galvanized steel backrest (2 or 4), parasol, cushions/upholstery (white or blue), cushions custom made.

Wood does not require maintenance. Sun and wind gradually change the color to silver gray and the surface becomes rougher in outdoor conditions. If you want to maintain the original tone of the wood surface, sand and oil it annually to maintain a smooth and golden surface.
SKU: 121 ,   Delivery time: 6-8 nädalat