Type 22O, Add-On Two Socket Cross Ø48.3 mm

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Add-On Two Socket Cross. Openable 90° connection clamp between the central rail and the railing pillars.
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Add-on Four Socket Cross. Openable 4-way clamp to connect vertical posts to 4 horizontal tubes that are at right angles to each other. The vertical tube runs through the clamp.
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Plastic round cap for a round-headed tube Ø60mm
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Height: 1000mm
Width: 300mm
Depth: 300mm
Tube diameter: 48.3mm, wall thickness: 3.2mm
Powder coated yellow RAL1003
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This type of display wall is made of smart clips combined with aluminum or steel pipes. The TURIN display wall is attached to the plate legs, which gives the frame a more exclusive look.
The system allows you to create a wall of any desired size.
Feel free to contact us for a customized quote!
Frame prices do not include rubber bands, hooks or exclusive print.

We offer frames with two sizes of tubes:
- D=42.4mm, pipe wall thickness 2.6 mm
- D=48.3mm, tube wall thickness 2.9 mm

When asking for a price quote, please note that the outer dimension of the banner frame = canvas size + 26 cm (only when using rubber bands or standard hooks)
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S- hook for attaching rubber bands.

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Short T-piece - 25 mm. Forms a perpendicular connection between two tubes. Upper fitting for straight, horizontal railing supports. This fitting can not be used for horizontal tube connections in the fitting itself.
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