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Vacum magnet fix set

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Description: Suitable for mounting flashlights and mini-panels with remote control
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Dimensions: 305x158mm
Voltage: 12-24V
Description: yellow light, 84 x LED, 38W, magnetic mount included. different flashing modes.
Cigarette lighter plug, cord length 3.5m (straight mode selection)
Package size: 337x244x90mm
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Dimensions: 395x215x79mm
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cable length 3m
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776x218x24,5mm (with fasteners 80,7mm)
4 warning flashes
two levels of intensity, day and night
control box
the lamp has 132 LEDs
power of 82 W
The lamp is a certified product. According to standards such as ECE R65, ECE R10.
Lens: PC, Housing: aluminum.
Fastening is screws
The voltage is 12 V/24 V
WIRE 5000 mm
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Dimensions: 400.00 x 300.00 x 59.00mm
Weight: 4.00kg
Voltage: 10-30V
Color: Yellow
Material: Polycarbonate
IP classification: IP67
Certificates: ECE R10, R65 class 2
Warranty (in months): 36
Description: Dark Phantom 400, 36 LEDs, 8 different flashing modes, incl. all at once and traffic control, "all at once" function can also be connected with a separate minus wire, mounts, with cigarette lighter plug, ON/OFF control panel with 3.5m cable, magnetic mounts, current consumption 1.1A @ 12V / 0.75A @ 24V.
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dimensions: 270x160x49mm
voltage: 12-24V
amber light, 90 x LED, 54W
lens dark
magnetic mount included
3 different flashing modes
cigarette lighter plug, cord length 3.5m (straight mode selection)
package size: 700x380x260 mm

The maximum speed of movement of the vehicle with a warning lamp attached with a magnet to the roof surface is 50km/h. Take special care in windy conditions. Do not unscrew the lamp, it will lose its water resistance.
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