Wall mount XXXL red-white belt 22m

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Wall mount belt 22 m red-white
- Flexible mechanism mounting
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Rotating mechanism: easily adapts to any direction limiting belt abrasion
- Integrated centrifugal break to control belt if accidentally released

- H220 mm, Ø170 mm
- belt lenght 22 m, width 50 mm
- weight 5 kg
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Skipper's restraint system makes it easy to make your work environment safer and more secure. The tape can be used to quickly separate zones, set up a safe sidewalk or make traffic safer. The tape with the automatic rewind system is 9 m long, which makes it one of the most cost-effective fencing systems! The boundary tape fits on the Skipper post, on the safety cone as well as on the wall.

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The ends have holes with a stopper, to fill the interior with water, sand, or any other element that gives weight and strength to the supports.
The barrier of yellow and black colour. It incorporates white and red reflectors, for night vision.
Rings at the ends, for fixing some type of chain, rope or space delimiting element.
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Retractable tape for people queue management. Coil is to be fixed to the wall. The tape is extended and spliced with other posts, to set up the queue of people. It has 2 connections that allow you to connect tapes from other posts. A versatile system that allows you to manage queues of people quickly and efficiently.

The retractable belt for queue management with wall fixing.
Includes 5 m long red retractable tape.
0.5mm tape thickness. The width of the tape is 5 cm.
Fixing system with 4 holes to fix the structure to the wall. Plugs and screws are included.
Includes wall fixing to fix the final end of the tape.
Designed in black and yellow ABS plastic.
Boundary tape for managing the queue of people, with wall attachment.

3 m long yellow-black border tape
ABS plastic body, yellow-black
4-hole wall mount, mounting accessories included

- dimensions: 155x100x135 mm
- tape 3 m, width 47 mm, thickness 0.5 mm
- weight 0.501kg
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