WBLS Warning Bar with safety light and sound

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A ceiling-mounted LED illuminated and voice protection barrier that warns forklift drivers of low ceiling or resistance.
The warning bar avoids damage to doors, loading fields, walkways, structures or overhead lines, the restoration of which is very expensive.

Available in lengths: 2000mm, 3000mm
Attaches to the ceiling with chains. Chain length 5000mm.
Range between chains: 1840mm, 2840mm.
The chain is 80mm from the end of the boom.
Sound strength: 102dB

The product requires 3x CLR14 batteries to operate.
Battery life: The boom works with light and sound for the first 5,000 collisions.
After that, the operation of the batteries begins to weaken, and the next 65000 are carried out only by voice (the product should work under normal conditions with one set of batteries for up to 5 years.)


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Double horizontal borders provide protection in areas with high traffic congestion and heavy vessels.

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Industrial door protections are made of REFLEX, an extra-resistant, flexible and scratch-resistant technopolymer. They are essential for protecting frames and jambs of doors, loading doors, entrances and other structures against possible impacts from forklifts, machinery and vehicles.

– material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
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Dimensions: (P)1000x(K)2000 mm and (P)2000x(K)3000 mm
Our team can help you customise industrial door protections according to your needs.

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