Wheel guide set of 2 Ø159mm L1910mm

SKU: RS.1591910
Unit: set
Wheel guides help the driver quickly and efficiently route the truck directly to the loading location.
- length: 1910 mm
- pipe diameter: 160 mm
- height: 320 mm
- 2 pcs in the set (left and right)


* Finishing

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Steel guard with 4 support legs effectively prevents collision damage, secures inventory and work areas.
Ideal for protection of door gates, building corners, machines, columns, shelves, etc.

– steel tube Ø76 mm or Ø90 mm
– base plate thickness 8 mm
– height: 300, 600, 1200 mm
– width/depth: 400x400, 600x600 mm
– yellow powder-coated layer with black reflective stripes
– for indoor use
– for outdoor use we recommend the galvanised variation, please contact us for more information.
SKU: TKC4. ,   Delivery time: 2-3 nädalat
Security post parameters:
- diameter Ø159 mm (wall thickness 5 mm)
- height: 1000 mm
- sole 200x200x10 mm.
- finish: galvanized

On request, we can additionally paint this product and add reflective stickers

If you want a protective bollard with other dimensions or colors, please contact!
SKU: TP.1591000ZN ,   Delivery time: 3-4 nädalat
Turvaposti parameetrid:

- läbimõõt Ø159 mm (seinapaksus 5mm)
- kõrgus: 1000 mm (Üldkõrgus 1500mm)
- viimistlus: värvitud (kollane) + mustad triibud

Kui soovid teiste mõõtudega või värvitoonides kaitsepollarit, siis võta ühendust!
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Height: 500mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 500mm
Tube diameter: 48.3mm, wall thickness: 3.2mm
Powder coated yellow RAL1003
SKU: TKL.NKL.48505050 ,   Qty: Out of Stock
160,00 €