Wide angle driveway mirror 180°, 600x300mm

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A traffic mirror with a wide field of view
- can be installed horizontally or vertically
- vision range 6m
- the set includes mounting accessories for installation on walls and posts Ø34-90mm
- dimensions: 600x100x300mm
- light, shock and UV resistant
- weight 3kg
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The round interior mirror is distinguished by its high durability to both impact and dirt. In the rear part, there is a mounting pledge, which gives the possibility of easy adjustment using a flexible joint.

Material - the mirrors are secured with a rubber gasket, the dome is made of safe aluminium acrylic

Viewing distance:
- Ø30 cm - 5m
- Ø40 cm - 7m
- Ø60 cm - 10m
- Ø90 cm - 16m

Size and weight:
- diameter 30 cm - 0.5 kg
- diameter 40 cm - 0.65 kg
- diameter 60 cm - 1.1 kg
- diameter 90 cm - 2,2 kg
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The black and yellow contrasting frame ensures the mirror can be easily seen in industrial environments.
An unbreakable mirror is securely held within a strong and durable one-piece plastic frame.

The mirror can be placed on pole with a minimum diameter of 60 mm (fixings included)
Colour - yellow-black mirror frame
Material - convex made of aluminium acrylic

Size and weight:
- 60x40 cm - 4 kg
- 80x60 cm - 5.5 kg
- 100x80 cm - 8 kg
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Industrial and warehouse safety mirror Ø600 mm. Wide range of use: on parking lots, subway entrances-exits, street corners and all blind points.

- easy installation. Aluminium fittings are supplied for fixing and orienting the mirror. Fixation to tube (column) diameter Ø50-Ø75 mm.
- 2mm thickness acrylic convex mirror and plastic cover
- color of PPC plastic structure: orange/black
- 45° rotatable bracket and wide angled visibility
- durable for indoor&outdoor usage
- resistable to weather conditions, stone and vandal damages
- temperature range: -20°C / +60°C
- weight: 4kg
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Wall support for convex mirror fixing.
It is a metal piece in the form of an angle, which is fixed to the wall.
It has a 75 mm diameter tube to which the convex safety mirror is fixed.
Wall separation: 130 mm.
Tube height: 83 mm.
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18,20 €
Convex mirror 45 cm in diameter.
Made of ABS plastic (structure), polycarbonate (convex mirror) and metal (support).
Resistance to vandalism.
Specially designed to install indoors.
Easy installation
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Traffic mirrors are used to improve visibility and safety at intersections and road sections with limited visibility. The mirror manufacturer has a European quality certificate. The mirror can be adjusted horizontally ±360º and vertically ±30º.

diameter: mirror 60 cm, frame 70 cm
weight: net 4.6kg and gross 6.1kg
distance: 22m

UV and impact resistant plastic.

The fixings come with the mirror for a 60mm post.
Bracket - reinforced steel, galvanized.
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