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Collision Sentry Corner Pro is the collision warning system designed to reduce or eliminate accidents at blind corner intersections. When motion is detected on both sides of the corner, creating conditions for an accident, Collision Sentry Corner Pro sends a visual and audio alert to warn of approaching traffic.

Collision Sentry Corner Pro is easy to install, self-powered, compact, highly visible and reliable.

Loud enough to be heard within the corner zone; pitch sets it apart from other background noise
Volume can be adjusted (high/low) or turned off.
Sounds and flashes ONLY when motion is detected on both sides of the corner

Integrated, recessed magnet mounts snap on to rack for a secure, tight fit
Integrated mounting points for attaching the unit to non-magnetic surfaces
Optimal installation height is 7-9 feet

Self-powered: Standard D-cell batteries (included)
Blue light, beeping low battery indicator
Battery life tested to a minimum of 12 months

Passive infrared motion sensors
Detection zone 6-7 meters in each direction
Alert sent in ample time to take corrective action
Pre-set and ready to use
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Multi Zone provides crash protection wherever you need it.
This is a new generation collision warning system that expands the possibilities to prevent collisions in several areas. Multi-Zone creates a safer work environment by reducing or eliminating blind spot collisions.
The product extends the collision protection beyond the 90 degree angle. The fact is that not all blind spots are located at corner intersections. Multi-Zone gives you the flexibility to define the conflict zones that need protection in your facility.

Main Features:

-Multi-zone detection: Multi Zone is a sophisticated multi-zone detection system that provides comprehensive coverage to protect your workspace. With its advanced sensors, it creates a protective barrier around sensitive areas, detecting potential collisions and alerting operators in real time.

-360-degree awareness: It monitors all angles and detects potential hazards from all directions, minimizing blind spots and greatly reducing the risk of accidents.

-Customizable warning signals: Customize the warning system with customizable warning signals according to your needs. Multi Zone offers a variety of notification options, including visual indicators, audible alarms and even remote notifications, ensuring your team is quickly notified of potential threats.

-User-friendly interface: Simplify safety management with an intuitive user interface. Multi Zone is designed for ease of use, allowing operators to quickly understand and respond to alerts. Smooth controls make it accessible to all employees, helping to create a safer work environment.

-Durable construction: Multi-Zone is built to withstand the conditions of an industrial environment. Its robust construction ensures longevity, providing a reliable safety solution that meets your operational requirements.

-Easy installation: Multi Zone is designed for hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime and disruption to your workflow. Its modular design allows layout flexibility, adapting to the specific needs and layout of your facility.

-Scalability: Whether you have a small workshop or a large production facility, Multi-Zone can be easily scaled to meet your evolving safety requirements. Add or customize zones as needed, ensuring continued protection as your operations grow.

Invest in Multi-Zone and prioritize the well-being of your team while protecting valuable equipment. With advanced technology, customizable features and a user-friendly interface, this collision avoidance system is the key to a safer and more efficient workplace.
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GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads are a self-adhesive solution for a non-slip, product protection product
and to reduce noise. It is the perfect anti-slip solution in your work environment.


• Non-slip surface
• Avoiding damage to goods
• Fork surface protection
• Non-stick rubber compound
• Suitable for use in the temperature range -40 °C to +110 °C
• Oil-resistant rubber compound
• Attaches directly to lifter pins
• Easy to install and remove.
• Easily trimmed to fit
• Can be used side by side with wider forks


• Finished goods warehouses
• Chemical and lubricant warehouses
• Food and drink
• Metal and plastic
• General warehouse
• Frozen and chilled
• External environments
• Narrow passages
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Loads during transportation can be as large as possible. If this movement moves the product against the forklift, the impact can cause it. GenieGrips® pads act as bumpers that absorb shock and improve product damage during lifting, loading and stowing.
The pads are attached to the carriage of the lift using three powerful magnets. You don't need screws, bolts, glue or other tools.
Made of oil-resistant material.
The pads are highly visible thanks to their yellow color.
Farm temperature -40 °C to 110 °C.
GenieGrips® pads are securely designed to be combined with other products in the same line (GenieGrips® Mats and GenieGrips® Caps) to ensure full protection of the forklift blades.

The product is available in different sizes. Ask for the price in the inquiry basket.
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Column Sentry FIT is a revolutionary column guard that adjusts around different sizes. The product features four locking sides that slide into place to create a flexible, shock-absorbing pillar guard. No more guessing or finding the closest size. Corner to corner, uniform protection on all sides; the safety zone remains the same.

The Sentry FIT contains a patented air chamber that directs impact energy away from the pillar. Made from a proprietary polyethylene/vinyl blend.

The product is available in two sizes: S and M.
Pieces slide in and out to fit everyone, size within every size.

The large FIT adjusts to fit columns ranging in size from 100x100mm to 200x200mm.
M large FIT adjusts to fit columns ranging from 200x200mm to 300x300mm.
The four sides of the FIT are aligned to ensure even corner-to-corner protection. This means that regardless of the size of the column, the depth of the safety zone remains the same. Whether the FIT parts are expanded or contracted, both provide the same amount of air-cushioned protection.

The four-sided design eliminates any stiff spots on the pillar guard.
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GenieGrips® loading mirrors add a new level of safety to any working warehouse. Mirrors allow forklift drivers to see the load around the forks.
Available in both wide and thin, these parabolic mirrors snap instantly to the vehicle with magnets (if desired, mirrors can also be installed with the double-sided tapes that come with the product); place them at the driver's eye level, adjust the angles and they are ready to go.
The mirrors are available in two versions: Slimview and Wideview.

Ask for a quote in the inquiry basket.
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During transport, forklift loads can shift, slide,
become unstable and even fall. This creates a dangerous situation in the workplace, especially if the load contains chemicals or other hazardous materials.
Bare forklift blades can scratch and damage products and packaging, resulting in product loss and additional cost.
GenieGrips® Mats are protective mats that cover the top and sides of the forklift blades. They are manufactured from compound rubber with anti-slip properties that provide exceptional grip and load stability. The patterned surface prevents the load from sliding or falling during fast movement or sudden braking. The oil-resistant material leaves no traces and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to 110°C.
Installation and removal is quick and easy using a secure locking hook mechanism.
Available in different lengths and widths, GenieGrips®Mats are suitable for all types of forklifts and are a particularly effective way to reduce the risk of injury and damage.


• Anti-slip surface
• Avoiding damage to goods
• Fork surface protection
• Non-stick rubber compound
• Suitable for use in temperature ranges from -40 °C to +110 °C
• Oil-resistant rubber compound
• Easy to install and remove.
• Available in different sizes - Ask for an offer!


• Finished goods warehouses
• Chemical and lubricant warehouses
• Food and drink
• Metal and plastic
• General warehouse
• Frozen and chilled
• External environments
• Narrow passages
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