Antishock Wall protection L4000 H200mm

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Wall protection system to protect areas that are impacted frequently or subject to friction. Made of soft material.

- temperature resistance -10...60°C
- profile dimensions: 200x20mm x pikkus 4000mm

The two-level bumper system is used where there is an increased risk of impacts in places with higher thermal loads, for example:
in frozen product warehouses
in cold areas
in parking lots
on the ramps

We supply bumpers in a length of 4 m, and if necessary, you can adjust the length as needed.
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The barrier for the segregation and safeguard of pedestrians in areas where heavy loads are handled. Height designed for the optimal protection of pedestrians. The barriers can be moved, reused and adapted to other areas requiring protection or for new needs after installation. The high-visibility, scratch-resistant color makes it easy to identify pedestrian areas, limiting the risk of collision. Flexible protective barrier complete with corner solutions which can also be combined with pedestrian and truck gates. 2000 mm standard modules with continuous fixing according to customer requirements. Fixing accessories included.

- material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
- color: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
- impact resistance: 8900 J
- dimensions: Ø150 (P) 2000 (K) 1150 mm
- post step 2 meters
- temperature resistance: −10 ºC to 60 ºC
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Self-adhesive warning guard for corner protection
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In one-unic-column dispenser, you will find all the required equipment to act in the respect of anti-Covid-19 measures.

Set include:
1. information sign
2. sanitizing gel holder
3. gloves holder
4. surgical masks holder

(Kit does not include sanitizing gel, surgical masks and gloves)
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Self-adhesive, made from soft polyurethane foam warning protection
Dimensions: 60x10mm 5m
Color: yellow-black
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The guard is tightly wrapped around the support beam.
Suitable for posts with dimensions 500x500mm

- material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
- color: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
- impact resistance: 2000 J
- dimensions: Ø150 (P) 500x500 mm (H) 1100 mm
- environment: −10 ºC to 60 ºC
- Easy to install and requires no attachment to the post or floor
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Knuff warning guards are made of durable polyurethane. Designed to protect walls, surfaces, corners and pipes.
Installation: using the glue behind the warning guard
For indoor and outdoor use (-40 ° to + 100 ° C)
Complies with DIN 4102 B2 classification
Dimensions: 47x35mm
Length: 1m, 5m and 50m.
Color: yellow-black, red-white.
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