Flexible post yellow Ø80 H750mm, removable

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MegaMAX Post with chain lead-through PP
4 reflective tapes Typ 2
height 120 cm,
foot: Ø 40 cm
post Ø 11 cm
empty weight 4 kg
Foots can be filled
with 8-10 kg sand
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Flex signpost for the delimitation of the different spaces. Ideal for delimiting roads, streets, private spaces, industrial spaces, etc.
Post of 750 mm (height) and 80 mm (diameter).
The base diameter of 200 mm, with 3 holes to be fixed to the ground.
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Removable flex post
– with one anchor
– retro-reflector of class RA2
– resistant to heavy loads
– easy installation
– weatherproof
– made of high-quality and durable polyurethane
– edge with Swarovski crystals
– resistant to acids and salts
– fully reusable
– TÜV certified
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175,50 €
- Will rebound when driven over and is resistant to heavy loads
- Easy installation
- Weather resistant to extreme high and extreme low temperature
- High quality and durable polyurethane
- Exchangeable
- High reflective and flexible prismatic sheet Class II
- Swarovski (Swareflex) crystals
- Resistant to acids and salt
- Completely recyclable
- TUV certified
- According to CE EN 12899-3:2007 regulations
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Blue rubber post Ø80 mm H750mm
white RA2 reflective sticker
3 mounting holes
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40,00 €
Eemaldatav flex post
- Ø80mm H=800 mm
- ühe ankruga
- hall, valge RA2 klassi helkur
- vastupidav suurtele koormustele
- lihtne paigaldada
- ilmastikukindel
- valmistatud kvaliteetsest ja vastupidavast polüuretaanist
- resistentne hapete ja soola suhtes
- täielikult taaskasutatav
- sertifitseeritud
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Signaling and beaconing post for the delimitation of the different spaces. Size: 120 x 800 mm (diameter x height).
Heavy base that gives stability to the beacon. Base measurements: 260 x 60 mm (diameter x height)
The post has 3 holes to be fixed to the ground. It can also be used without being fixed to the ground (mobile, like a cone).
Red pole, with large white reflector. In the upper part it has a handle for easy handling and transport.
The beacon is fixed to the base, by means of a screw mechanism.
The beacon has a rubber strip, so that when hit it adapts and returns to its original position.
Ideal for delimiting roads, streets, private spaces, use in industrial spaces, etc.
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